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If it’s what’s on the inside that truly counts, Cellucor’s COR-Performance Beta BCAA has a lot
to prove. That’s if you can even make it past the gorgeous and impeccable packaging.

Aesthetically, this is easily one of the coolest looking products to have on display in your
supplement shelf.

Okay, not that I’ve stopped drooling over Beta BCAA’s container, let’s get to what you really
want to know and discuss ingredients, dosages, taste and mixability.

Will COR-Performance Beta BCAA Improve My Workouts?

Next to creatine, BCAA’s are one of the best researched supplements when it comes to recovery and muscle growth. Drinking them during your workout has not only been shown to boost growth hormone levels, but also helps to increase endurance strength and recovery.[1]

What’s more, BCAA’s increase protein synthesis which enhances amino acid uptake into cells and stimulates better lean muscle gains.[2]

With 2 scoops of COR-Performance Beta BCAA you’re going to get 10 grams of BCAA’s, 3.2 grams of beta alanine and 4 grams of citrulline malate.

The 3.2 grams of beta alanine is actually an effective dose, and is going to help delay muscle fatigue by saturating muscle cells with carnosine. This improves ph balance, allowing you to get more reps before that burning sensation sets in.

What’s the Deal With HICA?

HICA is a leucine metabolite which enhances muscle growth by activating cellular proteins. One study with HICA showed soccer players supplementing with 1.5 grams a day increased lean muscle mass during a 4-week training period.[3]

Taste and Mixability

As far as taste goes, I tried the lemon lime flavor, and thought it tasted pretty good. The barometer on taste for me is really whether I can sip on it during a workout and not get sick to my stomach, and I didn’t have any problems with COR-Performance Beta BCAA.

When it comes to BCAA supplements and mixability, I haven’t found one yet that’s mixes completely. I would say to just expect COR-Performance Beta BCAA to mix as well as other BCAA supplements you’ve tried.

COR-Performance Beta BCAA Bottom Line

COR-Performance Beta BCAA has effective ingredients like beta alanine and BCAA’s that are going to help boost muscle growth and recovery. The only downside to this product is the servings per container.

You’re going to want to take 2 scoops during your workout to get an efficacious ingredient dosage, which means you only get 15 servings per container. So this can be kinda pricey depending on your budget, but as far as ingredients go, COR-Performance Beta BCAA is definitely one of the better BCAA supplements on the market.

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