The Gift, a.k.a. Phil Heath, 4x Mr. Olympia and the reigning 2014 champ is set to star in a new documentary Gifted, a feature-length documentary surrounding his bodybuilding journey from 2009 – 2012. This documentary shines a light on the recently obscure sport of bodybuilding, giving us an all-access pass to what goes on behind the scenes, allowing us to see what it takes to not only be a professional bodybuilder but to be Mr. Olympia.

While it is no secret that Phil Heath has been dominating the past 4 years of bodybuilding, Gifted gives a unique look at Phil’s bodybuilding career through interesting interviews and behind the scenes footage to show how he is the successful fitness ambassador and athlete that he is.

Along with movies like Pumping Iron and Generation Iron, Gifted is helping take this sport into main stream media. The Gift will be featured all over the U.S. and Canada at film festivals. Make sure to check your local listings to see when and where you can catch it.

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Brian E. is from southern California and has worked for names like GNC and Vitamin Shoppe as a supplement expert and consultant. He currently lives in Utah and is studying marketing.

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