• Offers healthy fats
  • Creamy flavor
  • Makes shakes fairly thick, depending on your preference
  • Minor clumping
8.9Overall Score

Quest Coconut Oil is designed to allow people to micromanage their diets by being able to mix in MCTs and healthy fats into their recipes and shakes.

Quest Nutrition is a big name in the health and supplement industry. Consequently, I was definitely interested in researching and trying out this supplement to see if it is worth recommending.

What’s Under the Lid

Quest Coconut Oil is a powder supplement that is 70 calories per serving, with each serving providing 8 g of fats. One key component from coconut is MCTs, or medium chain triglycerides.

MCTs are most notable for the ability to increase energy expenditure and fat oxidation. [1] MCTs are quite similar to carbohydrates in the fact that they are used for energy. Consequently, MCTs are regarded highly among fitness athletes and gym goers, with many supplementing with MCT-rich foods to improve workout performance and intensity.

How Should You Use Quest Coconut Oil?

Quest Coconut Oil is a versatile supplement, and can be used to make anything creamier.

A lot of people mix a scoop of Quest Coconut Oil into their protein shakes to make it thicker and creamier, while those that like to bake healthy recipes will oftentimes throw a couple scoops into their dish to make it richer in healthy fats.

I mixed one scoop in with my protein shakes for a couple of days. It definitely did make the shake a lot thicker, which I wasn’t a huge fan of. But, the flavor enhancement was subtle and complimentary of my protein flavored shake, and it was pretty good.

It mixed fairly well, though I didn’t notice some clumping.

I used Quest Coconut Oil for about a week. I didn’t notice any crazy changes in strength. However, I also wasn’t lacking energy for my intense workouts. This could partially be attributed to Quest Coconut Oil and the fact that I make sure to eat a decent pre-workout meal about an hour before my workouts.

How Much Is Quest Coconut Oil?

Each bottle provides 56 servings (10 g per serving) and costs $13. This means each serving is about 23 cents, which isn’t bad at all.

Quest Coconut Oil only seems to be available from Quest Nutrition’s main site, however. So, if you are looking for competitive pricing, you won’t find any at this time. But, the price per bottle, considering the serving size, is not too heavy on the wallet.

Can You Get Sick From Quest Coconut Oil?

According to online medical professionals, the key ingredient MCTs are most likely fine when consumed in moderation. However, if you do happen to take more than necessary, you may get a little nausea, feel a little sick, and may even experience some diarrhea.

My advice is to try out one serving first to assess tolerance to the ingredients and also the flavor. Once you have assessed its benefits, you can go from there.


Quest Coconut Oil is definitely worth trying out if you are wanting to bump up your healthy fat intake and looking for some possible more energy and weight-support.

Quest Coconut Oil was nice to try and I may continue taking it. However, I might switch to using it in baking recipes rather than my shake, because the thickness was a little much for me.

If you’ve tried Quest Coconut Oil, let me know about your experience by leaving a comment below.

[1] St0Onge MP, et al. “Medium-chain triglycerides increase energy expenditure and decrease adiposity in overweight men.” Obes Res. 2003 Mar;11(3):395-402.


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