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MuscleTech recently released its latest product Hydroxycut Hardcore.

Hydroxycut Hardcore is part of MuscleTech’s Performance series, and is said to offer more sensory, intensity, and energy while aiding fat burn.

What’s In Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen?

Here’s a closer look at some key ingredients that will be apart of the Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen formula:

Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen is formulated with several new ingredients all listed with specific, individual ingredient amounts, which is awesome. I decided to highlight some key ingredients.

Green Coffee Blend is designed to supply 45% chlorogenic acid and green coffee bean extract, both ingredients are used to increase weight loss and decrease body mass index.

Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen also provides caffeine anhydrous, an stimulant that has become a staple component included in most weight-loss supplements. Caffeine anhydrous is used to boost energy and also thermogenic activity for increased fat loss.

Another ingredient, coleus extract is often supplemented with to combat fat gain.

Yohimbe extract is a stimulant that has been shown to reduce fat mass. During one study, soccer players supplemented with yohimbe extract for 21 days, which resulted in body fat levels reduced from 9.3% to 7.1%. [1]

Overall, the ingredients look pretty solid, packed with several stimulants and fat burning components.

If you supplement with it for a couple weeks, coupled with exercise and a healthy diet, you should definitely notice improvements in fat burn and weight loss. I got to try Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen for a couple days. I obviously didn’t notice weight-loss benefits, but I did notice a nice steady boost of focus and energy throughout the day.

Pricing and Availability

Each bottle will provide 50 servings, and each serving is composed of 2 capsules. Each bottle retails for about $35. Taking into consideration the price-to-serving ratio and the ingredient profile, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen to anyone looking for an edge on their fat-loss and weight-loss efforts. Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen has some impressive ingredients, and the price is on part with competing fat-burners.

However, Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen isn’t for everyone. If you don’t handle stimulants well, you’ll most likely want to avoid Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen -especially considering the high caffeine amounts per serving.

[1] Ostojic SM. “Yohimbine: the effects on body composition and exercise performance in soccer players.” Res Sports Med. 2006 Oct-Dec;14(4):289-99.

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