Con-Cret Whey by Promera Sports is one of the latest protein supplements on the market and it is making BIG waves.

Promera Sports has already successfully launched several supplements, Con-Cret Creatine HCL being one of them.

Fans of Promera Sports supplements are absolutely stoked, so I decided to take a look into this protein supplement to see what it’s all about. Needless to say, I was quite surprised.

A Look at the Profile

Con-Cret Whey is set to provide 5.2 BCAA’ and 24 g of protein per serving. Additionally, each serving is 120 calories.

The protein source used is a whey protein concentrate. The whey protein concentrate in Con-Cret Whey is said to be from a premium, single source and “high quality.”

Whey protein concentrate is one of the most popular whey forms on the market, and this is because it is one of the most affordable protein sources for companies to manufacture. While you are getting 24 g of protein per serving, there are still traces of lactose in whey concentrate.

Consequently, if you don’t handle dairy very well, you may experience some bloating and stomach discomfort from Con-Cret Whey.

However, the amount of BCAA’s per serving is a nice addition. BCAAs are supplemented with to help improve workout recovery and also boost muscle protein synthesis.

Promera Sports Con-Cret Whey is low enough in calories too, making it an option for those trying to minimize calorie intake each day and those trying to put on muscle size, alike.

Flavors and Pricing

Con-Cret Whey’s flavor options aren’t entirely unique; however, they are a twist on the traditional chocolate and vanilla flavors.

Con-Cret Whey will come in a Chocolate S’mores flavor as well as Vanilla Cake Batter. I am stoked to try out these flavors and give a complete review when Con-Cret Whey is shipped out.

Con-Cret Whey comes in a 29-serving bottle. Each bottle will cost you around $50.

How Can You Use Con-Cret Whey?

Con-Cret Whey can be used like any other protein powder. Depending on your goals, you can take multiple servings a day in conjunction with a healthy diet.

It can be taken at any time of the day. Many gym goers tend to sip on their protein after a workout, but it depends entirely on your personal preference.

If you want to bulk up a little bit, you can mix one serving with milk, and even throw in a scoop of peanut butter to maximize protein content. If you are watching calories, you can mix the scoop with water.

Final Thoughts

Promera Sports Con-Cret Whey is shaping up to be a decent protein supplement. I am a little bummed at the fact the only protein source in Con-Cret Whey is whey concentrate; however, I don’t have issues with digesting dairy products. So, 24 g of whey concentrate will do just fine. It’s just interesting considering the price.

If you decide to try out Con-Cret Whey, I’d love to hear about your experience with it. As soon as it is available to ship out, I will be trying this out and giving it a full review. So, don’t forget to check back.

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Brian E. is from southern California and has worked for names like GNC and Vitamin Shoppe as a supplement expert and consultant. He currently lives in Utah and is studying marketing.

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