• No proprietary blends
  • Simple ingredients
  • For just potassium, it can be slightly expensive depending on your dosage
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4+ Nutrition has released another one of their signature bright-yellow products. It’s called K+ and is claimed to be an all-around health and wellness supplement for athletes.

Let’s take a look at what’s inside.

The Ingredients

Unsurprisingly, K+ contains potassium, the chemical symbol “K.” I was surprised to see that there are no proprietary blends or fillers. A simple ingredient profile is reassuring.

Potassium Citrate 2 grams

An essential mineral, potassium performs a variety of functions in the body, including nutrient transport and organ health.

As an athletic supplement, potassium is most commonly taken for its electrolyte properties. Electrolytes are minerals manage electric impulses in the body and maintain hydration.

As you exercise, you lose electrolytes through sweat, which causes fatigue and slowing. Supplements like K+ replenish electrolyte levels and make long-term exercise easier. [1]

2 grams is a very large dose of potassium, more than most supplements and nearly 50% daily recommended value.

Dosage and Cost

Each bottle of K+ contains 90 capsules. That’s 30 days of recommended servings, although you could take fewer capsules each day if you wanted.

There aren’t a lot of places stocking K+. I imagine this is because it’s a relatively new supplement.

eSupplements is currently the best option for purchasing K+.

Pick It Or Pitch It

Getting a potassium supplement wrong is difficult; they’re pretty straightforward. But K+ stands out by using a much higher dosage than normal.

I like 4+ Nutrition K+ and recommend it for anyone looking to increase their potassium dosage.


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