• Tasty Flavor
  • Extensive ingredient list
  • A lot of caffeine
  • Slightly more expensive
8.9Overall Score

MusclePharm Assault Black is a nitric-oxide boosting supplement formulated to produce skin splitting muscle pumps for enhanced growth.

I got to try out the watermelon flavor for a week. Here’s what I think about the product overall.

Ingredient Profile

MusclePharm Assault Black is packed with several ingredients to promote better muscle pumps and workout performance. Here are a couple pieces of Assault Black that stuck out to me.

L-citrulline DL-mallate 2:1 (3 g) is found in MusclePharm Assault Black as one of the key muscle pump ingredients. This ingredient converts into nitric oxide, which helps expand blood vessels for better flow. MusclePharm Assault Black also provides several other blood-flow enhancing ingredients like agmatine sulfate and beet root extract.

MusclePharm Assault Black also contains some creatine in the form of creatine HCL. People supplement with creatine to improve their energy and power output during anaerobic exercise.

Assault Black provides some common pre-workout ingredients, CarnoSyn and caffeine anhydrous. CarnoSyn is a beta alanine form that has been studied for its ability to improve exercise performance, and caffeine is a ubiquitous energy-boosting ingredient.

Overall, the ingredient profile is pretty solid. It even provides a 3:1:2 ratio of BCAAs, which help muscle recovery post-workout. It’s definitely a well-rounded pre workout that covers its bases on all fronts.

My Experience with Assault Black

I took MusclePharm Assault Black as a pre-workout for a week. The watermelon flavor was delicious and refreshing. I mixed one scoop with 12 ounces in my shaker bottle. It mixed well. I didn’t notice any real settling.

One thing to mention is that MusclePharm Assault Black requires more liquid to be used per scoop of Assault Black, which may be a problem for some who don’t like drinking a lot of liquid 15-20 minutes before a workout.

I noticed a steady boost of energy, and I was able to get through my heavy leg day without being completely exhausted, which is nice. Also, I noticed a good muscle pump, like other pre-workouts I’ve tried with similar pump ingredients.

However, there was a little too much caffeine in MusclePharm Assault Black for me. Each serving provides 300 mg caffeine anhydrous. I actually ended up only mixing 3/4 scoop after my first experience and I felt my workouts were better. So, if you don’t respond well to caffeine, you may want to do what I did and take smaller doses.

How Much Is a Bottle of MusclePharm Assault Black

Each bottle retails for about $50 and provides 30 servings. This pre-workout is slightly more than other competing pre-workouts, but you have to consider all the ingredients in MusclePharm Assault Black’s formula.

If you are looking for a pre-workout that provides a boost of energy, focus, strength, and muscle-recovery benefits, you’ll want to check out MusclePharm Assault Black. However, keep in mind the price you’ll be paying reflects the extensive formula.

If you are just looking for a simple pre workout for much cheaper,  there are definitely more options available.


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