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MuscleTech has a brand-new muscle-support product: PhosphaGrow SX-7.

At first glance, it looks like just another over-the-top supplement. The label has claims like, “60% strength improvement” and “5 pounds of muscle in 8 weeks.”

These are some pretty far-fetched claims, but this is MuscleTech we’re talking about; the company isn’t known for low-quality or scam products.

I took a closer look at PhosphaGrow SX-7 and was pleasantly surprised. To understand what makes it special, we have to explore its unique ingredient mechanism.

What’s In It?

As the name suggest, PhosphaGrow SX-7 is mainly a phosphatidic acid supplement, with slight recovery and hormone support thrown in.

There are 3 ingredients, the main one being Mediator® PA.

Mediator® PA

Mediator® PA is a special form of phosphatidic acid designed to be easily absorbed and used.

Phosphatidic acid is valuable for athletic performance because it boosts mTOR signaling. Basically, mTOR is a protein that is a key player in muscle regeneration. More mTOR signaling means faster, increased growth.

Several studies have examined how effective raising mTOR signaling with phosphatidic acid really is.

The main study, which MuscleTech references, used 750 mg of phosphatidic acid daily. Subjects experienced a 600% increase in mTOR signaling, which resulted in 5 pounds of muscle gain in 2 months, with 100 pounds added to their leg press strength. [1]

PhosphaGrow SX-7 includes Mediator® PA in a 1500 mg blend. I imagine at least half of that is this highlighted ingredient, so results should match those of the study.

Also included in the blend are Malaysian Ginseng and Astragalus root, which improve testosterone levels and exercise performance. [2] [3]

I’m amazed at the proven results of phosphatidic acid. Five pounds of muscle in 2 months is a huge amount.

Where Can I Buy It?

Unfortunately, PhosphaGrow SX-7 is only available through, where it costs $100, or $80 for GNC members, plus shipping.

For a 28-serving bottle, that’s a pretty steep price tag. I like advanced supplements, but $3.60/serving makes this out of most peoples’ range.

How Do I Take It?

I was surprised by the easy dosage instructions. Advanced products generally have more complicated cycles.

Take 5 softgels daily. On workout days, take them half an hour before exercise.

Should I Buy It?

I haven’t been this excited about a new supplement in a long time. PhosphaGrow SX-7 has a very good ingredient blend, with impressive clinical studies to back it. I’m looking forward to doing a 4-week cycle.

But that price tag is making me hesitant to recommend it right now. Hopefully MuscleTech will have a wider release soon so we can see some better deals, guarantees, and free shipping.


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