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The wait is finally over, and the Cutler Nutrition rebrand is complete. It turns out he did end up changing the formula for several of his products, including his pre-workout. The new Cutler Nutrition Legend features much better ingredients in my humble opinion, and I was stoked to give it a try.

Here’s everything you need to know before you buy.

My Experience Working Out With Legend

Cutler Nutrition Legend New

It’s worth pointing out here that the new version of Legend doesn’t have any ingredients to directly boost nitric oxide production. I was a little disappointed by this as I definitely train for, and appreciate a good pump.

But knowing this before trying it did help me manage my expectations on what it would do for me. That being said, I definitely felt stronger during my workout. On chest day I was able to get a few more reps starting out on bench and go about 10 pounds what I normally lift.

So I ended up benching 235 for a total of 4 reps on my own.

Strength and Size

Like any other pre-workout, Legend has caffeine to boost energy and focus. Aside from caffeine though, a few ingredients that I was really glad to see in here were the betaine, beta-alanine, and creatine HCL.

Creatine HCL is one of the most popular forms of creatine right now. It’s basically a microdosed creatine, which means you don’t need to take as much for it to be effective. This is thanks to the HCL salt which improves solubility and absorption.

Betaine is another ingredient which is going gangbusters right now. Research supports it as an effective compound for increasing strength and improving overall body composition.[1]

Beta-alanine is probably one of the best known ingredients for building muscle and improving performance. Beta-alanine saturates muscles with carnitine and buffers lactic acid, allowing you to perform more reps before that burning sensation sets into muscles.

Value, Taste and Mixability

Cutler Nutrition Legend New Reviews
I had the watermelon ice flavor and thought it tasted pretty good for a pre-workout. It wasn’t a sweet flavor and is a little on the bland side, but in my mind that’s a good tasting pre-workout since I didn’t have any trouble drinking it.

Cutler Nutrition’s Legend is one of the more expensive pre-workouts, and is sold at most online retailers for around $45. This is the biggest knock on the product, since it does have some solid ingredients.

Overall Impression

If you’ve got the money and are looking for a new pre-workout that’s going to boost strength, I would recommend giving Cutler Nutrition a shot. Keep in mind there aren’t any ingredients here to help with a pump.

For best results you’re going to want to stack Legend with a stimulant free pre-workout if you’re looking to boost strength as well as nitric oxide production.


[1]Jason M Cholewa, Monika Wyszczelska-Rokiel, Rafal Glowacki, et. al., Effects of betaine on body composition, performance, and homocysteine thiolactone Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition 2013, 10:39

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