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In the past I’ve known a lot of supplements users who were quick to cast aspersions on any product associated with MuscleTech. However, MuscleTech has come a long way since then, and is really stepping up their game with products like Iso-Whey from the new Essential Series.

What’s New in Iso-Whey?

The protein matrix consists of whey protein isolate and hydrolyzed whey isolate. Whey protein isolate is 90% or higher by volume, so you’re getting a lot more protein compared to whey protein concentrate which usually contains anywhere from 60-80% protein by volume.

Whey protein isolate undergoes special processing which breaks the protein down into smaller fragments for faster digestion. This is ideal for post-workout nutrition because you want to deliver amino acids as soon as possible to kickstart protein synthesis for better muscle growth and recovery.

What’s more, Iso-Whey is virtually free from lactose and fat. It also has an enzyme matrix with papain and amylase to boost the breakdown and absorption of protein and carbohydrates.
This will actually help cut down and alleviate a lot of the bloating or cramping for those sensitive to whey protein supplements.
Essential Series Iso-Whey


I ended up getting Iso-Whey in the peanut butter chocolate twist flavor, and I think the taste was great considering the lack of fat and lactose in here. Remember that it’s still an isolate so I should warn that it’s not going to have that creamy consistency, but for an isolate it tastes pretty good.

Iso-Whey also mixes really easy. Even if you don’t have a shaker cup handy this mixes just as easily in a glass with a spoon.

More To Grow On

Iso-Whey only has .5 g of fat per serving, and packs 25 g of protein, 5.6 g of BCAA’s, and 4.4 g of glutamine and glutamine precursor per serving.

Like the other protein powders in MuscleTech’s Essential Series, Iso-Whey contains several bioactive fractions which reputedly improve protein bioavailability and absorption.

In terms of value Iso-Whey actually has a pretty decent price point. Most online retailers are selling it between $40-50 for a 3.34 lb. container. For a full isolate with digestive enzymes this is a solid price, and I would recommend grabbing Iso-Whey if you’re looking for a quality protein powder.

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