MusclePharm just announced a new energy drink coming April 1st, Energy Sport. That happens to be April Fool’s day, but we are certain these products are anything but a joke!

A teaser image released by the company reveals these energy drinks are ready to drink in can. Whether they will be carbonated, we aren’t sure yet.

In addition to the Energy Sport announcement, there will also be a Energy Sport Zero, referring to the calories.

Energy Sport Zero will come in Power Punch and Onyx Cherry Flavors. Energy Sport will come in Citrus Edge, Original, and Electric Lime flavors. These flavor names sound intense; we can’t wait to try them out.

Ingredients haven’t been released yet, but we can safely assume there will be some form of caffeine in there, and possibly some other common pre-workout ingredients.

We’re excited for Energy Sport’s release and can’t wait to get more information about the ingredients.

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