Listed as “coming soon” is EST Nutrition’s newest peptide supplement Myo-Pep.

It appears Myo-Pep will come in 12 and 50-serving bottles. As far as pricing information, we aren’t quite sure how much each bottle will retail at the moment, nor are we certain when this product will be released.

We do, however, know some ingredients that will be in EST Myo-Pep.

A Closer Look At the Ingredients

EST MYO-PEP will provide 5 trademarked ingredients. Essentially, each trademarked ingredient features several naturally occurring growth hormones, like insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1, IGF-2), isolated peptides from bovine sources, and additional serums for improved muscle growth, function, and protein synthesis:

Ana Pro contains peptides isolated from colostrum that yield proline rich peptides, growth factors like IGF-1, and immunoglobulins. IGF=1 is a growth factor that is involved in growth and development as well as tissue and muscle repair. [1]

Plasma Pro provides processed bovine globulin concentrate that is full of growth factors and peptides. Globulins are also included in Plasma Pro, which are proteins that help balance healthy circulatory function. [2]

OvoPep is egg white hydrolysate, said to contain a minimum of 80% di and tri peptides.

HumanoFactor is a peptide matrix that yields naturally occurring growth factors like IGF-1, IGF-2, NGF, and CTGF.

BioBumin yields isolated bovine serum albumin.

The manufacturer hasn’t released how much of each ingredient will be in Myo-Pep. But, as we can see, it will provide several different ergogenic ingredients.

Flavor Options

Myo-Pep will come in at least 3 flavors and one unflavored version. The 3 flavors include: strawberries and cream, white chocolate peanut butter, and chocolate gelato.

EST Nutrition may roll out some new flavors as well when they officially release Myo Pep.

Check back because we will update this review when new information is available.

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