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  • Tasty Flavor
  • Not as much research surrounding creatine HCL
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MuscleTech released a new creatine product CreacTor to their supplement line. A big selling point with creatine hcl is that it supposedly offers the same benefits as creatine monohydrate just in smaller amounts. Let’s see if this creatine supplement stands out among the numerous other creatine products on the market.


MuscleTech Creactor provides a 1:1 ratio of 750 mg creatine HCL and 750 mg of free-acid creatine per serving. The company touts the ingredient profile provides a “powerful, never-before-seen ratio of creatine molecules” that won’t require a loading phase or cycling.

According to many researchers and nutritionist experts, you don’t necessarily need to implement a creatine-loading phase for creatine. Rather, supplementing consistently with about 3 g per day is will get you the same results as a 20 g loading phase. So, we agree with MuscleTech about not needing to load up on Creactor.

I wasn’t able to find many studies or impressive research surrounding creatine hcl’s purported benefits of being more potent than creatine monohydrate. However, in the medical field, hydrochloric acid (HCL) is oftentimes added to compounds to make them more stable and improve absorption.

Flavor And How to Use

For those that don’t like strong flavored supplements, Creactor will come both unflavored as well as in a Lemon Lime Twist. The unflavored is perfect for those that want to add their scoops with a beverage of their choice. We’re stoked to try both flavors out and let you know what we think.

You can supplement with Creactor either before or after workouts. Timing doesn’t necessarily matter. What’s most important is you supplement with creatine consistently every day, regardless of whether it is your rest day or not. Some people don’t like to take creatine right before a workout because they don’t want to fill their stomach with a bunch of liquid. It all depends on your personal preference. You’ll have to experiment with supplement times to see what works best for you.

I got to try the Lemon Lime flavor. I mixed it in 6 ounces of water. It tasted good, and it mixed really well. I noticed minimal, and I stress minimal, settling at the bottom of my shaker cup. Definitely not a bad flavor, I’d recommend it based on flavor alone.

Final Thoughts

The biggest thing that stuck out to me about MuscleTech Creactor is the extremely affordable price. Each bottle costs about $27. That means that the cost per serving is around $0.22, which is impressive.

The only hang up I have is that there isn’t as much research surrounding creatine hcl as there is on creatine monohydrate. However, if you supplement with creatine hcl for an extended period of time, you should notice  improvements in strength and energy similar to those associated with creatine monohydrate. Whether creatine hcl is significantly more potent and is able to produce the same effects as creatine monohydrate in smaller doses, I’m not exactly sure.

If you try out MuscleTech Creactor, I’d love to hear about your experience with it as well! So, leave a comment below.

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