Industry leader USPlabs has announced a brand-new protein supplement as part of their Modern line, Modern Protein.

Claimed to be a high-quality blend of premium isolate protein, Modern Protein is an advanced supplement.

I’ve tried dozens of different protein supplements, and I’m always excited to hear about a new formula. Let’s see what makes Modern Protein worth trying.

The Ingredients

Protein Blend – 23 grams

Milk Protein Isolate

Milk protein isolate is an ultra-filtered protein source that contains mostly casein, with small amounts of whey. It contains up to 90% protein and delivers a complete amino acid profile.

Casein is valuable because of its slow digestion time. It takes up to 8 eights to break down in the stomach, providing a steady stream of amino acids to the muscles all day or night. [1]

Initially, I didn’t understand why USPlabs chose to use milk protein isolate instead of just straight casein. However, after looking at the rest of the ingredients, it’s clear that Modern Protein is meant to be an all-around pure protein source, not simply casein.

Whey Protein Isolate

You’re probably familiar with whey protein. It’s the most widely-used protein in the world because of its low cost and complete amino acid profile.

Regular whey concentrate is about 70% pure protein. However, it can be filtered and refined to create whey isolate, which is nearly 100% pure protein. [2]

Whey isolate is completely digested and absorbed over a period of about 4 hours. This makes it an excellent medium-release protein choice.

Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate

Hydrolyzed whey isolate is a unique type of protein. It’s created by taking pure whey isolate and breaking it down into amino acids.

The result is a protein that does not need to be digested in the stomach. It is absorbed and begins rebuilding muscle within minutes and is the best short-term protein available. [3]

With three different protein sources, Modern Protein provides immediate support with hydrolysate, sustained pure protein delivery with isolate, and long-term anabolic growth through milk protein.

Price and Availability

Because it has not yet been released, the price and availability of Modern Protein is unknown. I expect is will initially be offered exclusively through the official USPlabs store, with a wider release a few weeks later.

It’s a very advanced, pure protein, so Modern Protein will likely be more expensive than run-of-the-mill powders.

It will be available in 2 flavors, chocolate and vanilla.

The Verdict

I’m really excited to try Modern Protein. It is nearly 100% protein, contains no fillers, and gives short, medium, and long-release support. Honestly, I don’t think you could design a better all-around protein blend.

I’ll keep you updated on cost, availability, and any deals as soon as we have more information.


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