Intra-workout supplements are a great way to boost intensity and grind out those last few reps and sets. One of the latest is the new Gym Juice from Athletic Xtreme. As of right now, just about everything is known about it except for the release date.
Gym Juice Nutrition Info
The first major ingredient you’re going to find here are branch chain amino acids, which have the ability to boost growth hormone, increase protein synthesis and drive amino acids into muscle cells for better overall growth and recovery.

You’re also going to get l-tyrosine, to help boost mental focus and concentration. To help with strength and endurance, Gym Juice also contains adenosine triphosphate.

I can’t speak to the flavors until I actually try it, but this has the potential to be a pretty decent intra-workout product. Check back soon for a complete update and full review for Gym Juice.

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