• Contains the patented compound elevATP to help with natural energy production
  • Doesn't contain sufficient creatine on a per-serving basis
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Muscletech is adding another one to their SX-7 line. Called Creatine ATP SX-7, its formula draws from a few different creatine sources. There’s not too much too this one, but below I’ve included everything you need to know about it.

Basic Formula

MuscleTech Creatine ATP SX-7
Creatine ATP SX-7 features a pretty straightforward formula. Inside you’ll find three different types creatine, and a patented energy-boosting compound called elevATP:

Creatine HCL (1 g)- Consists of creatine bound to hydrochloric acid. Creatine HCL is easily absorbed and less likely to cause any gastrointestinal side effects.
Creatine Peptide (1 g)- Consists of creatine bound to peptides isolated from whey.
Tri-Creatine citrate (1 g)- Consists of citric acid bonded with 3 monohydrate molecules for better absorption.
elevATP (150 mg): Patented compound which contains “ancient peat” and apple extract. It helps stimulate natural energy production.

Creatine ATP SX-7 Study

I wasn’t able to find these studies online, however, Creatine ATP SX-7 label cites 2 studies.

The first is a 12 week study with 22 untrained test subjects that were divided into three groups. Subjects taking the same amount of creatine found in two servings of Creatine ATP SX-7 along with a weight training program gained 4 times more lean muscle than subjects using a placebo.

In a separate study, subjects reputedly increased bench press strength by 18.6% in 10 days.

The first problem with these studies is the dosage, which requires you to double the serving size of Creatine ATP SX-7. This cuts the number of servings in half, giving you a product that only lasts 15 days.

The other problem is the type of creatine used in the study. The label indicates the same amount of creatine was used, but doesn’t explicitly say the same types of creatine in Creatine ATP SX-7 were used in the study.

For all we know, the studies could have used a completely different kind of creatine.

Creatine ATP SX-7 Price and Availability

Like the other products in the SX-7 line, Creatine ATP SX-7 is only available at GNC. A 30 serving container is 59.99 for non-members.

Creatine ATP SX-7 Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, Creatine ATP SX-7 would’ve been much better off as a single ingredient creatine monohydrate product. There is very little research to support the types of creatine used, and each serving only provides 3 g of creatine.

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