• Affordable. Most places sell AminoLIFT for around $18.
  • BCAA's and citrulline to boost growth, recovery, and improve blood flow
  • Doesn't mix very well
8.5Overall Score

The new AminoLIFT from USPlabs is basically the supplement equivalent of Daniel Day Lewis thanks to its versatility.

It can be used first thing in the morning, between meals, and/or during a workout to help boost strength, muscle growth, and recovery.

AminoLIFT might not be for everyone, so here’s everything you need to know about it before you buy.

A Tale Of Two Blends

AminoEssentials+ Blend: This is where you’re going to find your branch chain amino acids, citrulline, taurine, glutamine, phenylalanine. BCAA’s increase strength, muscle growth and recovery by reducing muscle damage and boosting protein synthesis. [1]

The citrulline is going to help give you a better pump and increase nitric oxide production. Taurine and glutamine are both amino acids that will help with recovery. Taurine improves cell volumization so you pull more nutrients into cells and glutamine alleviates delayed onset muscle soreness. [2]

I did really like that they added the phenylalanine in here. It’s definitely one of my favorite amino acids for boosting concentration and elevating mood.

Focused Energy Blend: Here you’ll find yerba mate, green tea, caffeine and choline bitartrate. Together these ingredients are going to stimulate fat cells to release more fat to be burned as fuel.

What’s more, the yerba mate and green tea are going to increase thermogenesis so your body will heat up a little bit, increasing your metabolic rate and allowing you to burn more calories.

How I Used AminoLIFT

Because I already have plenty of caffeine in my pre-workout, I just used AminoLIFT in the afternoons for some extra energy. You’ll definitely want to drink it in-between meals, as some foods can interfere with absorbing certain amino acids like citrulline.

Personally I’m not a fan of amino acid supplements with caffeine in them. The extra caffeine on top of what I already get from my pre-workout always ends up being too much for me.

That is a personal preference though, so you might prefer to use something like AminoLIFT as an intra-workout or for fasted cardio in the mornings.

To be clear I do like AminoLIFT as something I can drink in the afternoons for extra amino acids and energy, but that’s all I would use it for. I really enjoyed the watermelon flavor, and it did end up being something I looked forward to drinking.

As far as mixability goes, expect AminoLIFT to mix up about as well as your average amino acid supplement. There will be some foaminess at the top, but this is normal.

AminoLIFT Price and Availability

AminoLIFT does have a pretty decent price point. Most places are selling a 30 serving container for around $18 a bottle, which breaks down to .60 a serving.

Why I Recommend AminoLIFT

While AminoLIFT isn’t something I would use as an intra-workout due to the caffeine content, I think it’s a great way to help boost growth, recovery, and help you burn some extra calories during the day. AmiinoLIFT works great as an afternoon pick-me-up, and it’s affordable.


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