Taste 7.6
  • Well-researched ingredients like betaine and bcaa's
  • Excellent value for an intra-workout/bcaa supplement, less than $1 per serving
  • Label doesn't list specific ingredient amoutns
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After getting raked over the coals for their controversial pre-workout Craze, there was a lot of speculation that we’d seen the end of Driven Sports.

However, they’ve bounced back with a new intra-workout supplement called Splyce, effectively demonstrating they march to a different beat.

I’ve used Splyce as an intra-workout for the last 3 weeks, and here’ s my updated review with everything you need to know.

What Is Splyce?

Drive Sports Splyce Reviews
Splyce is a branch chain amino acid (BCAA) supplement that you can either sip during your workout, or take in between meals. About one third of the body’s skeletal muscle is comprised of BCAA’s, and they’re heavily utilized during muscle contraction.

By supplementing with BCAA’s during your workout, this not only boosts protein synthesis for better muscle growth, but prevents excessive muscle damage for better recovery.

Along with the BCAA’s in here, you’re also going to find the amino acids taurine and betaine.

Taurine is an amino acid which provides several benefits including improved cell volumization. This allows more nutrients to enter muscle cells and improves hydration. It also increases mental alertness and reduces muscle damage by speeding recovery during workouts.

Betaine is a compound that’s been getting a lot more popular in pre-workout and intra-workout supplements. Research shows betaine has the ability to increase power, force, and strength during
training sessions. [1]

Introducing Fractofuse

The most unique ingredient you’ll come across in here is called Fractofuse. It contains alpha-lactalbumin, a compound which reputedly enhances natural muscle growth.

Not only does it play an important role in human growth during early stages of life, but it also helps decrease blood glucose and increase fat oxidation.

What Splyce Did For Me

Drive Sports Splyce
I actually did enjoy having Splyce to drink during my workout. Betaine and BCAA’s are pretty much the foundation of most intra-workout supplements right now, and are well-researched.

After taking Splyce for about a week I don’t know that I necessarily noticed a significant improvement recovery-wise, but my strength definitely went up, and I wasn’t as tired by my last set.

On back day for instance, I went over to a pull-up bar at the end of my workout and repped out a few extra pull-ups. Normally I would be fully exhausted at this point, and lucky to get even 1 pull-up.

Like any other amino acid supplement, Splyce is naturally foamy on the top. Just give it a quick shake before taking a sip to disperse everything.

As far as taste goes I had the fruit punch flavor, which is drinkable. As long as you don’t mind an artificial fruit punch taste you’ll be fine drinking this.

Price, and Availability

Most online retailers are selling a 40 serving container of Splyce for around $30. Driven Sports might have lowered the price to engender some extra goodwill after the Craze controversy, but regardless, this is still a really good value. Splyce breaks down to less than a $1 per serving.

Splyce Summarized

Splyce has some well-researched ingredients such as betaine and BCAA’s which are going to boost strength, muscle growth and recovery. It’s also a great value right now, at around $30 for a 40 serving container.

If you’re looking for something to help you get a little bit more from your workouts, I would definitely recommend grabbing a container of Splyce.

[1] Jason M Cholewa, Monika Wyszczelska-Rokiel, Rafal Glowacki, et. al., Effects of betaine on body
composition, performance, and homocysteine thiolactone Journal of the International Society of Sports
Nutrition 2013, 10:39

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