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RSP Nutrition Z-Elite is an all-natural nighttime sleep aid advertised as a simple way to promote muscle growth and recovery.

I’m wary of anything promised to work while you sleep, so I took a very critical look at Z-Elite. Thankfully, it turns out my initial hesitation was unfounded. Keep reading to learn more about Z-Elite and what makes it unique.

What’s Inside?

Vitamin D3 200 IU

Vitamin D is essential for a variety of functions, including immune system support and muscle growth.

Studies show vitamin D is also a catalyst for proper testosterone production, which leads to greater muscle growth. [1]

Z-Elite contains 50% daily value of vitamin D.

Vitamin B6 – 12 mg

Vitamin B6 plays a key role in amino acid metabolism, allowing your body to properly process protein and rebuild muscle tissue. B6 deficiency can lead to difficulty absorbing amino acids and anemia. [2]

Z-Elite contains 600% daily value of vitamin B6

Magnesium and Zinc

Magnesium and zinc are essential minerals that have been shown to optimize hormone production and calm restlessness when taken together. [3]

On its own, zine helps streamline tissue regeneration, and magnesium promotes growth hormone creation.

Z-Elite contains 425 mg of magnesium and 35 mg of zinc, more than 100% daily value for both.

Melatonin – 3 mg

Melatonin is the real heavy hitter in Z-Elite. This natural hormone is produced when light levels are low and tells your brain that it’s time to relax and go to sleep.

Unfortunately, many people have difficulty with melatonin levels because of artificial light. 3 mg of melatonin, the amount in Z-Elite, has been shown to promote healthy sleep patterns and rhythms. [4]

I like that RSP Nutrition includes all-natural sleep aids and proven, safe muscle-growth boosters. I’m wary of products with untested ingredients or complicated blends. These compounds are simple and backed by clinical research.

How Do You Take It?

Taking Z-Elite is pretty straightforward. The label states: As a dietary supplement, men take 3 capsules (women take 2 capsules) daily, preferably on an empty stomach, 30-60 minutes before bedtime.

How Much Does It Cost?

Z-Elite is pretty inexpensive, as far as sleep aids go. It’s available from 2 retailers: and

Both sites have it listed at $20, but gives you free shipping and a money-back guarantee. requires you to pay shipping costs and doesn’t have any guarantee.

The limited selection of retailers is to be expected with a brand-new product. For a 60-serving bottle, $20 is reasonable; that’s about $0.30/serving.

Is It Safe?

Nothing is Z-Elite poses health risks. The compounds are all natural and necessary for healthy functions.

Will It Work For Me?

I’ll admit, I was surprised by the quality of Z-Elite. I generally don’t like sleep aids, but RSP Nutrition has hit it out of the park with this blend.

The price and ingredients are excellent, and you aren’t using any unknown compounds. It’s just solid science in a convenient package.

I highly recommend Z-Elite for any looking for natural sleep and recovery support.


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