EST’S new fat burner Thermo Fast is one of the few up and coming EST Nutrition products we have info for.

The second ingredient ─ citrus aurantium, is an antioxidant, and this is the first time I’ve seen it in a supplement.
EST Nutrition Thermo Fast

I’m not sure exactly how this relates directly to fat burning, but it’s most likely in here to help protect cells and reduce oxidative damage from exercise.

One of the bright spots in here is citrus auarntium, a source of synephrine. This is the ingredient that replaced ephedrine when it got banned. It functions as a beta agonist to boost metabolic rate and enhance lipolysis.

Another popular ingredient you’ll find in here that works synergistically with citrus auantium to mobilize fatty acids for energy.

I’m definitely looking forward to trying this one personally, as it’ll be interesting to see which fat burners rise to the top amidst all the upcoming New Year’s resolutions. Stay tuned for a complete update and review as soon as Thermo-Fast officially launches.

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