• 50 g quick digesting carbohdrates
  • Currently only available in 2.2 lb. containers
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Whether you’re a hardgainer or about ready to start a bulking cycle, carbohydrates are the key to muscle growth. They’re going to give you the energy you need to train heavy and replenish depleted glycogen stores.

The new Pure Karbolyn from ProSupps is going to be a pure carbohydrate supplement that makes it easy to carbohydrate load, or hit your daily macronutrient goal.

High Molecular Happiness

The carbohydrates in Pure Karbolyn come from the high molecular weight carbohydrates potato starch and corn. Thanks to their heavier molecular mass, these carbohydrates are digested faster than dextrose, maltodextrin, or other simple sugars.
ProSupps Karbolyn
What’s more, the carbohydrates pass through the stomach quickly, and help pull water, nutrients, and amino acids into muscles. This also supports protein synthesis and improves muscle growth and recovery by driving more amino acids into muscle cells.

Each serving of Pure Karbolyn has 50 g of carbohydrates, and is sugar free.

Taste, Mixability and Availability

Right now only the 2.2 lb. container of Pure Karbolyn is available, but it is offered in several different flavors─ chocolate, peanut butter, strawberry, orange, fruit punch, and unflavored. Most places online are selling it for around $35.

I tried out the chocolate flavor of Pure Karbolyn and it’s not a sweet flavor, but despite the lack of sugar I think it still tasted alright. I’ve definitely had worse tasting chocolate supplements. I do like that they offer a chocolate flavor though, as it mixes easily with a pre or post-workout protein shake.

Pure Karbolyn For Pure Growth

Pure Karbolyn from ProSupps is going to be an easy and convenient source of carbohydrates to give you fuel to train. I would definitely recommend this if you’re a hardgainer or have a hard time eating and need to supplement your diet with extra carbohydrates.

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Brian E. is from southern California and has worked for names like GNC and Vitamin Shoppe as a supplement expert and consultant. He currently lives in Utah and is studying marketing.

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