The announcement that BPI Sports is coming out with a new testosterone booster might be the supplement announcement heard around the Internet. Called A-HD Elite, it’s being promoted as having anti-aromatizing and anti-estrogenic properties.

Following on the heels of successful supplements like 1.M.R. and signing Jay Cutler, BPI Sports has skyrocketed in popularity. Unsurprisingly, just about every new product announcement from them will likely garner a lot of attention.

Unfortunately, not much has been revealed about A-HD Elite’s formula as of yet. According to a press release from BPI A-HD Elite was set for an April launch, but the official launch has now apparently been delayed.

If you want to check out or add to the excitement of A-HD Elite, BPI hype men are talking about it with #LearnHardDry. Fans of the original A-HD have been waiting for something that came close to the original formula, and hopefully, this will be it.

As soon as A-HD Elite officially launches, we’ll have a complete review for you here on with complete ingredient information and everything else you need to know.

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