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Respected authority figures are few and far between in the supplement industry, and it’s hard to imagine another figure that commands as much respect as Dr. Jim Stoppani. He’s written for FLEX magazine and co-authored multiple books.

With the release of his new supplement Post JYM he’s come to show that he knows what he’s talking about. Here’s everything you need to know about Post JYM along with my personal experience with it.

Post-Workout Anabolic Window

The term “anabolic window” refers to the 2-3 hours after your workout in which many believe the body has an enhanced ability to utilize carbohydrates and protein to improve muscle growth and recovery.[1]

As to whether you’ll significantly grow better when supplementing with protein and other nutrients immediately post-workout or waiting to supplement at a later time, however, the researched data is still mixed.

Regardless, you’re going to need the nutrients anyway so why not take them post-workout right? If there’s a chance that it improves muscle building at that time, well then that’s just icing on the cake. Plus, I’m absolutely ravenous after I get done working out. There’s no way I could wait hours to take my post-workout.

So here’s a complete breakdown of the ingredients in Post-JYM so you know how it’s intended to you help you build muscle and recover.

What’s Inside Post-JYM?

It’s always refreshing to see transparency on an ingredient label. Post-JYM provides complete and specific dosages for all of its ingredients so you know exactly what you’re getting.

L-Glutamine (3g): L-glutamine is an amino acid which boosts the immune system and reduces delayed onset muscle soreness, enhancing recovery.[2]

Creatine HCL (2g): The 2 g creatine HCL dose here is actually very impressive. Because of its higher solubility, creatine HCL is often under-dosed in supplements, but this is going to be an effective amount to boost strength and muscle growth.

Carnosyn® Beta-Alanine (2g): Beta-alanine saturates muscle cells with carnosine, balancing ph levels and reducing muscle fatigue. This increase endurance, allowing you to perform more reps.[3]

Carnipure™ L-Carnitine L-Tartrate (2g): L-carnitine l-tartrate provides several performance benefits including increased blood flow and improved exercise recovery.

BCAAs (6g): Branch chain amino acids boost growth hormone levels and help protect skeletal muscle during exercise.

BioPerine® (5.3 mg): Bioperine is a compound which increases bioavailability and enhances nutrient absorption.

Dextrose: Dextrose is a simple sugar with a high glycemic index rating. This boosts blood sugar and insulin levels post-workout, driving amino acids into muscle cells and improving protein synthesis.

My Experience Trying Post-JYM

First off, I absolutely love that dextrose comes in its own individual package apart from the other Post-JYM nutrients. If you already have another source of carbohydrates you prefer or want to add more or less dextrose, you have that option.

As far as taste goes, the watermelon flavor is absolutely fantastic. It mixes well and I didn’t have anything floating around in my shaker cup.

Post-JYM Final Thoughts

Post JYM is a solid post-workout product and dosed effectively. You will still want to add your own protein powder or supplement to make sure you get a complete recovery, but there is plenty in here to boost your recovery and prime the pump for the next workout.

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