Purus Labs Creagyn

Word on the street is Purus Labs is releasing a new, unflavored supplement called Creagyn.

Purus Labs Creagyn is a stimulant-free cellular energy formula with an ingredient formula that is yet to be completely revealed.

We do know, however, a couple things about Purus Labs Creagyn.

What Do We Know So Far

Although Purus Labs hasn’t released an official ingredient line up for Creagyn, we know that it will at least feature HydroMax and MagnaPower.

HydroMax is a glycerol form that is used to enhance stamina and blood flow through glycerol’s ability to be affect cellular fluid.

The other key ingredient that we know so far, MagnaPower, is a patented proprietary product that is essentially pure creatine bonded to magnesium. It is said that due to this bond, this form of creatine has a higher level of absorption and potentially more effective than the well-studied creatine monohydrate.

Purus Labs Creagyn is unflavored, making it stackable with any liquid flavor you’d like. Also, it looks like you’ll be able to stack it with Purus Labs’ other supplement, Noxygen, for a supreme pump/cellular energy boost.

Purus Labs Creagyn will be officially released in the next month. So, check back for more information!

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