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When a new supplement company like Proccor attempts to break into the industry, the brand’s success often hinges on how well people like or dislike their respective pre-workout supplements.

Suffice it to say, there’s no small amount of pressure on Pre-Rx to help entrench the Proccor brand in the collective conscious of supplement consumers.

A New Energy Hope

Proccor Pre-RX Reviews
Pre-Rx features a patented compound called PURENERGY, which I’m seeing crop up in a lot of newer pre-workout supplements.

PURENERGY is a unique combination of caffeine and pTeroPure pterostilbene. By combining these two ingredients, caffeine is delivered more effectively and steadily, helping to prevent a crash and improving energy and alertness compared to regular caffeine.[1]

Hyper Performance Drive

One of the main ingredients in Pre-Rx is l-aspartic acid, which constitutes something Proccor calls the Hyper Performance Drive.

L-aspartic acid is a non-essential amino acid which plays an integral role in the Krebs cycle. What’s more, aspartic acid increases cellular energy by transporting certain molecules to the mitochondria of cells where it stimulates adenosine triphosphate.

All In On Focus

More than anything else, there are quite a few mental focus and concentration boosting compounds in Pre-Rx. The most notable is the Synergetic Performance Blend, which features a combination of caffeine and theanine.

This a proven combination supported by research to effectively improve mental alertness and cognitive ability.[1]

Additionally, Pre-Rx supports increased mental focus and provides mood support with dendrobium and phenylethylamine hcl.

Using Pre-Rx As My Pre-Workout

As expected, Pre-Rx delivers excellent mental focus, giving you that tunnel vision in the gym that helps you focus on every rep. It also provides a nice clean energy, and didn’t cause any type of crash after my workout.

That being said, Pre-Rx did little for me, if anything, by way of strength or muscle pumps. There is a decent amount of glycerol monostearate in here to help increase blood flow and pumps, but I just didn’t feel that aspect of it.

Pre-Rx Taste, Price and Availability

There are only a handful of online retailers carrying Pre-Rx right now, but you can find a 30 serving container for about $35-40. Although the only available flavor is sour apple, it’s a great tasting pre-workout and mixes well.

The official Proccor website does have a community poll, however, where you can vote on the next flavor you’d like to see.

Is Pre-Rx A Successful Pre-Workout?

Personally, I didn’t respond well to the glycerol monostearate for pump, so I can’t say this delivers on either muscle pumps or strength.

However, the clean energy, mental focus and mood support is dynamite, and Pre-Rx is one of the best supplements I’ve tried when it comes to those aspects of performance. For a complete performance boost, you’re going to want to stack Pre-Rx with a creatine/pump supplement.

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[2] Simon P. Kelly, Manuel Gomez-Ramirez, Jennifer L. Montesi, et. al., L-Theanine and Caffeine in Combination Affect Human Cognition as Evidenced by Oscillatory alpha-Band Activity and Attention Task Performance J. Nutr. August 2008 vol. 138 no. 8 1572S-1577S

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