Low libido, fatigue, decrease in sex drive, strength, and stamina and the inability to lose weight are just a few of the symptons of low testosterone. According to Dr.Harry Fisch, a prominent men’s health expert, “low testosterone (hypogonadism) can be caused by many factors, all of which play out against the normal steady decline in testosterone levels with age” [1]. Some of these factors are testicular problems, pituitary gland tumors, being overweight. The most common factor in low testosterone is age.

Research has shown that aging is associated with both declines in total serum testosterone concentration and decreases in free testosterone. In one large cross-sectional study of more than 3000 men ages 40 to 79, serum testosterone concentration fell 0.4% per year, free testosterone concentration 1.3% [2]. In another study, of 890 men, total testosterone levels were < 325 ng/dL (considered androgen deficient) in 20%, 30%, and 50% of men in their 60s, 70s, and 80s, respectively [3].

Luckily there are many many options available to increase your testosterone. In this article we aren’t going to talk about the gels, patches, and injections. Instead we are going to focus on 5 supplements that increase your testosterone NATURALLY. No prescription, no side effects – we are just going to see what mother nature has given us and what clinical research has proven to increase testosterone.

Increase Testosterone Naturally With These Supplements

1. ZMA

ZMA is a patented combination of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 developed by Victor Conte (founder of BALCO Labs). ZMA has been clinically proven to increase anabolic hormone levels and muscle strength in trained athletes.

In a recent study on ZMA “a group of competitive NCAA football players who took ZMA nightly during an 8 week spring training program had 2.5 times greater muscle strength gains than a placebo group.” The strength of the ZMA group increased by 11.6% compared to only a 4.6% increase in the placebo group.

Researcher Dr.Brilla explains that “the muscle strength increases may have been mediated by the anabolic hormone increases in the ZMA group. The ZMA group had 30% increases in free and total testosterone levels compared to 10% decreases in the placebo group. The ZMA group also had a slight increase in insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) levels compared to a 20% decrease in the placebo group. This study shows that anabolic hormone and muscle strength increases can be induced in already strength-trained athletes by using a novel zinc-magnesium preparation” [4,5].

Many people that are training hard to perfect their physique fail to realize how important it is to get a a good nights rest. Healing, tissue repair, anabolic hormone production and muscle growth are maximized during sleep. Are you starting to see the importance? Muscles get damaged while you train, but the growth happens while you are sleeping at night. ZMA is the first nighttime anabolic formula developed specifically to enhance recovery by improving sleep efficiency. ZMA is a very effective sleep aid and is recommended to be taken 30-60 minutes before bedtime.


TESTOFEN® is a fenugreek extract that has been standardized to 50% Fenuside. Fenugreek has a ton of health applications. When it comes to increasing testosterone the primary “constituents included in Testofen have been shown to boost testosterone levels and increase libido, lean muscle mass and immune functions. The group of saponin glycosides that Testofen is standardized to is named Fenuside” [6].

In a recent human study on free testosterone levels and performance, the active group taking TESTOFEN® showed significant anabolic activity, an increase in free testosterone, decrease in body fat, and maintenance of muscle size despite maintaining overall weight and reduction of body fat [7]. Testosterone is critically important to males who wish to build muscle, improve libido and lose weight. Testofen a great supplement that should be added to your diet and exercise regime.

3. Eurycoma Longifolia Jack (Tongkat Ali)

Eurycoma Longifolia Jack is derived from the huge vertical roots of the Eurycoma Longifolia trees that are found in Southeast Asian rainforests. Eurycoma Longifolia Jack contains quassinoids such as eurycomalacton, eurycomanon, and eurycomanol, which are reported to have aphrodisiac properties and to increase testosterone levels in men [8].

Back in 2007, a study was to performed on the effect that Eurycoma Longifolia Jack has on testosterone levels, body composition and muscle strength. The results of the study showed that the lean body mass of the treatment group showed a significant increase, from 52.26% to 54.39%. Body fat was significantly decreased in the treatment group, from 31.30% to 28.44%. The increase in strength in the treatment group was larger than in the placebo group (6.78% and 2.77% respectively) [9].

A recent study was performed to determine the effects of Eurycoma longifolia on testosterone and cortisol levels during intense endurance exercise. The results of the study showed that subjects taking Eurycoma Longifolia Jack had 32.3% lower Cortisol levels and a 16.4% increase in testosterone levels [10].

4. D-Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic Acid (D-AA) is a non-essential amino acid found in the neuroendocrine tissues of humans. Aspartic acid comes in two forms, L and D. The l-aminos build tissue. But when l-aspartic acid combines with enzymes in the testes, it becomes a d-aspartic acid. D-Aspartic Acid plays a role in sperm production, is involved in the release of testosterone, growth hormone, and luteinizing hormone.

In 2008 a study was done on “The Role and Molecular Mechanism of D-Aspartic Acid in the Release and Synthesis of LH and Testosterone in Humans and Rats”. After supplementing about 3 grams of D-Aspartic Acid for 12 days, 87 percent of the subjects had significantly increased luteinizing hormone by 33% and increased testosterone levels by 42% [11].

5. Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris causes the release of Luteinizing hormone, which in turn signals the testes to produce more Testosterone. Recent reesearch shows that it is the steroidal saponins of Tribulus Terrestris that are considered to be the factor responsible for testosterone and libido boosting effects of this supplement. The positive testosterone producing aspects of Tribulus Terrestris depend on the concentration and the composition of active saponins Protodioscin. Protodioscin content will have the greatest impact on increasing testosterone.

There are tons of Tribulus Terrestris extracts available, some cheap (less effective) and some expensive (more effective). You get what you pay for when it comes to Tribulus. When looking for a Tribulus supplement, you want to make sure your supplement has been standardized to at least 20% protodioscin. Anything above that is great. I recommend paying more for a supplement that has been standardized to 40% protodioscin.

Anyone focused on maximizing muscle growth should consider including tribulus in their supplement plan.


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