Mixability 8.5
  • Mobilizes fatty acids
  • Increases thermogenesis
  • Doesn't help much with pump
8.4Overall Score

Synonymous with the word pump, iForce Nutrition has carved out a powerful niche for themselves. Best known for their stimulant-free pre-workout Hemavol, iForce is determined to become a household supplement brand by expanding their product line.

Along with the new thermogenic Thermoxyn, they’ve recently released a new pre-workout called Max Out.

Max Out Ingredients

iForce Nutrition MaxOut
The ingredients in Max Out are split up into four distinct categories, each with their own proprietary blend. Here’s a quick overview:

Adrenaplex: In addition to caffeine, adrenaplex features phenylethylamine HCl to boost mood and improve cognitive ability, and synephrine to increase mobilization of fatty acids.

Nitroplex: Nitroplex contains glycerol monostearate to improve cellular hydration and potassium nitrate to increase nitric oxide production.

Cogniplex: Here you’ll find the adaptogen rhodiola rosea which alleviates physical stress, and DMAE and huperzine-A to boost focus, concentration, and improve cognitive ability.

Hydraplex: This is an electrolyte complex with potassium, sodium, and magnesium to help you stay hydrated and fight against cramping.

My Experience Taking Max Out

First I’ll start with the good. One of my favorite benefits from any pre-workout is better focus and the type of tunnel vision that allows me to concentrate on a better mind-muscle connection during my workout. This is where Max Out really shined for me, and was definitely the most noticeable benefit.

I also felt that synephrine and caffine kicking in, heating up my core temperature and causing me to sweat more. I took a full serving which has a little more caffeine then I like in a pre-workout (300 mg), but if you’re a stim-lover this is going to be perfect for you.

As far as pumps go, the glycerol and potassium nitrate combination didn’t do much for me. I didn’t feel like I experienced anything beyond the type of pump that I would get without taking a pre-workout.

Taste, Mixability, Price, Availability

I purchased the blueberry pomegranate flavor for $39.99 from the official iForce website. However, it’s slowly rolling out to other online retailers where it’s priced from $28-$35. It mixes great, and the blueberry pomegranate flavor was fantastic. It was surprisingly refreshing for a pre-workout.

Max Out Final Thoughts

iforce max out
There was a lot that I enjoyed about Max Out, however, it feels like an incomplete supplement to me. It delivers on the focus, concentration, and energy benefits, but was underwhelming in the pump department.

Paired with a stim-free pump product like iForce’s Hemavol will give you the best of both worlds ─ a better pump and laser focus, but I was really hoping to get it all from Max Out. What’s more, there isn’t any creatine in here so don’t expect it to do much for strength either.

That being said, the combination of synephrine and caffeine will increase metabolism and help you burn extra calories. So more than anything, Max Out is going to function best as a pre-workout/fat burner hybrid.

About The Author

Brian E. is from southern California and has worked for names like GNC and Vitamin Shoppe as a supplement expert and consultant. He currently lives in Utah and is studying marketing.

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      • eddie

        I actually got my tub in this week and i have quite enjoyed it ive actually gotten quite a good pump all week ive used it so far maybe im just reacting well to the nitrates. Im also glad there is no creatine in it most of the time its underdosed and its dirt cheap plus i got a 100 servings of creaplex with my order of max out free. My only complaint is ive crashed on it once pretty hard.

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