Mixability 8.4
  • Better energy and focus thanks to the DMAA replacement AMP Citrate
  • Proprietary blend. Doesn't list specific ingredient amounts.
  • Underdosed Ingredients
7.7Overall Score

After launching a complete line of merchandise, the successful YouTube channel BroScience Life is finally getting in on the supplement game. Along with a thermogenic, they’re launching a new pre-workout called Gnar Pump.

As a fan of the Youtube Channel, I had the same anticipation and excitement to try their new pre-workout that I get when they release a new video. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Brofessional Ingredients

Gnar Pump Broscience

Despite its name, Gnar Pump actually contains more fat burning and strength boosting ingredients than pump ingredients. But while the only vasodilator you’re going to find in here is agmatine sulfate, it is one of the best compounds for boosting nitric oxide levels and improving muscle pumps.[1]

Joining agmatine sulfate in the nitric oxide matrix is creatine monohydrate and beta alanine. These are pretty fundamental pre-workout ingredients, and are both well researched.

Creatine monohydrate is shown to increase strength, endurance, and build lean muscle.[2] Beta alanine saturates muscles with carnosine, which delays muscle fatigue and allows you to get more reps and sets.[3]

You’re also going to find AMP citrate in here, a replacement for 1,3 dimethylamylamine (DMAA) which provides the same benefits as mood elevation, increased thermogenesis, and better focus.
AMP citrate has come under fire recently because of its similar to DMAA, and many companies are already starting to reformulate their AMP citrate products.


Unfortunately, the ingredient profile suggests that would be a more effective pre-workout than it is. I did get a boost in energy and focus during my workout which I attribute to the caffeine, taurine, and AMP citrate, however, that was just about all it did for me.

The ingredients are wildly underdosed, the most glaring example evident in the nitric oxide pump matrix. The recommended dosage for creatine monohydrate is between 5-10 g, but the total amount of creatine monohydrate, beta alanine, and agmatine sulfate only adds up to 1.8 g.

As I mentioned above, aside from the energy and concentration, Gnar Pump didn’t do much of anything for me. Taking additional scoops helps, but that ratchets up the amount of caffeine and the cost of the product pretty quickly.

What’s more, the ingredient blend is proprietary, and doesn’t tell you how much caffeine is in it.

Taste, Flavor, Price, and Availability

I really enjoyed the Optimus Lime flavor, it’s definitely an enjoyable pre-workout and mixes easily. The price per serving isn’t too bad here either. A 30 serving container right now costs $35.99, ships free, and breaks down to about $1.20 per serving.

It is currently only available at the official Brosupps website right now.

Final Thoughts

Gnar Pump Pre Workout
I would definitely encourage you to go check out the BroScience Life Channel on YouTube and watch the videos. But as far as Gnar Pump is concerned, I walked away from it underwhelmed and unimpressed.

While it does have effective ingredients, it is ultimately underdosed. It did give me really good energy and focus, but I didn’t feel any boost in strength or muscle pumps.

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