• 20 g of protein per bottle
  • Lactose Free
  • Expensive
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With all the new products recently launched by Muscle Pharm, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone over at their headquarters is having this conversation every day.

Their latest is a new ready-to-drink (RTD) beverage which is being promoted as an endurance, recovery, and hydration product.

What’s In Coco Protein

Muscle Pharm Coco Protein
Coco Protein is available in both chocolate and piña colada flavors, both of which feature real milk protein mixed with coconut water.

The nice thing about Coco Protein is that it’s lactose free, so If you typically suffer from bloating, cramping, or other gastrointestinal issues when drinking whey protein, there’s a good chance you’re not going to have to worry about those.

What’s more, the macros are pretty good for Coco Water. Each bottle gives you 20 g of protein, and only has 5 g of sugar. The piña colada has 130 calories, and the chocolate is going to be 10 less at 120 calories.

How Does Coco Protein Taste?

Regardless of how good the macros might be for a supplement, if it tastes like toilet water nobody’s going to buy it. Fully aware of this, Coco Protein spent the extra time to get the flavoring down.

I thought both the piña colada and chocolate had a nice creamy taste, and the right kind of texture that you want when drinking an RTD.

Price and Availability

As of right now, I’ve only seen Coco Protein available at the official MusclePharm website. As with other supplements, the price will likely be a lot lower through other retailers. Right now, however, A case of 12 Coco Protein bottles is $49.99, which breaks down to about $4 a bottle.

Coco Protein is certainly convenient and tastes great, however, it’s prohibitively expensive right now. You’ll

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