• 30 g of high quality whey protein isolate per serving
  • Mixes and blends easily
  • Not very affordable. Expensive even for an isolate
8.1Overall Score

Deep in the trenches training for his next Mr. Olympia, Phil Heath found the time to launch a brand new supplement line called Gifted Nutrition.

Along with a pre-workout, fat burner, and testosterone booster, Heath is also launching a new whey protein called Ultimate Iso Whey.

Examining Ultimate Iso Whey

Ultimate Iso Whey Nutrition Label
Ultimate Iso Whey is a complete whey protein isolate, which means virtually all the fat and lactose has been stripped away. If you go and take a peek at the ingredient label, you’ll see it has 0 g of fat and 0 g of sugar.

What’s more, if you have trouble with any gastrointestinal issues such as bloating and cramping when taking whey protein, then a whey protein isolate is going to be much gentler on your stomach and reduce the likelihood of these side effects.

Taste and Mixability

As expected, the trade-off for Ultimate Iso Whey’s zero fat and sugar is manifest in its bland flavor. I’ve only tried the chocolate, but it’s hard to imagine the other flavors boasting a rich taste. That being said, it’s definitely drinkable, especially when combined in a shake with some peanut butter and fruit.

Although I said the flavor is bland that doesn’t mean it’s bad-tasting, just be sure to temper expectations when it comes to taste. Mixability on the other hand is great. Even with just a spoon I thought it mixed fine.

Price And Availability

Right now, a container just over 2 lbs. of Ultimate Iso Whey costs about $52.99. It’s available at the official Gifted Nutrition website, and a handful of other online retailers. This is certainly one of the more expensive isolate powder’s out there, and I’m surprised they didn’t offer a special introductory price.

The average price for an isolate weighing in at 2-3 lbs. or so is between $35-42.

Ultimate Iso-Whey Final Considerations

If you’re a really big fan of Phil Heath and want to support him, Ultimate Iso Whey is going to be a great source of quick-digesting whey protein isolates. It only has 140 calories per serving and gives you a full 30 g of protein.

That being said, it’s not very affordable, even for an isolate. I would also like to see it available at more retailers either online or brick and mortar.

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Brian E. is from southern California and has worked for names like GNC and Vitamin Shoppe as a supplement expert and consultant. He currently lives in Utah and is studying marketing.

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