• Contains AminoBlast instatized leucine to boost protein synthesis
  • Only available in three flavors
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Everyone knows branch chain amino acids form the veritable foundation of nutritional supplements.

AminOD from Purus Labs certainly has that in mind, as it features a simple formula with branch chain and essential amino acids designed to increase protein synthesis for better overall muscle growth and recovery.

Branch Chain Amino Acid Benefits

Aminod Nutrition label
The branch chain amino acids (BCAA’s) in AminOD provide several benefits. BCAA’s are utilized during muscle contraction, and can be immediately used to provide energy and keep the body anabolic.

What’s more, research shows supplementing with BCAA’s have the ability to improve muscle growth and recovery by increasing protein synthesis and driving more amino acids into muscle cells.[1]

Another study showed that supplementing with BCAA’s after exercise led to higher levels of growth hormone and growth hormone binding protein.[2]

Essential Amino Acids

In addition to the branch chain amino acids, AminOD features the essential amino acids l-phenylalanine, l-lysine, l-histidine and l-threonine.

In addition to helping with protein synthesis and boosting the immune system, these essential acids also play an important role in forming certain neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine. The essential amino acid l-histidine can also enhance the growth and repair of tissues.

AminOD Taste, Price, and Availability

Most websites are selling AminOD from $25-35 for a 30 day supply, and it’s available in blue razz lemonade, jolly watermelon, and strawberry limeade. This is one area that Purus Labs definitely took the time to get right because these flavors are pretty on point.

I’ve had the chance to try all three and they’re great to sip on during a workout.

AminOD Final Considertations

AminOD is a great-tasting amino acid product that works well if you’re looking for an intra-workout product. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and are one of the best supplements to help drive protein synthesis and enhance muscle growth and recovery.


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