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  • Improves muscle growth and recovery
  • Supports healthy aging
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Although the World Anti-Doping Agency dropped deer antler velvet from its banned substances list, there still seems to be plenty of controversy surrounding it. To take advantage of the hype, supplement manufacturers have wasted no time trying to promote supplements like Deer Antler Velvet Pro.

Let’s examine what deer antler velvet is, and help you determine whether Deer Antler Velvet Pro is right for you.

Where Does Deer Antler Come From?

Deer antler velvet is produced from deer antlers during a stage when they’re covered with velvety hair. Consequently, deer antler has several active ingredient compounds and benefits thanks to the time of year which it’s harvested.

Why Should You Use Deer Antler?

The most well-known deer antler velvet benefit is its ability to improve IGF-1 levels. IGF-1 stands for insulin-like growth hormone, and plays an important role in cartilage and tendon growth and healthy overall aging.

The body synthesizes IGF-1 in response to growth hormone released in the pituitary. IGF-1 has a synergistic effect with growth hormone, enhancing its effects on muscle and tissue growth and recovery.

What’s more, a study published in the American Journal of Physiology suggested IGF-1 regulates satellite cells, leading to greater strength and muscle growth.[1]

Deer antler further provides anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties thanks to its polypeptides and proteins. Deer antler supports overall health and well-being through collagens and proteins which stimulate the endocrine system.

Other pharmacological benefits from using deer antler include anti-osteoporosis, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-stress anti-oxidation effect.[2]

Does Deer Antler Pro Have Any Dangerous Side Effects?

There are currently no reported side effects from using deer antler velvet.

Deer Antler Pro For Muscle Growth

There’s no question that speeding up recovery time will allow you to train heavier and stimulate better muscle growth. Since Deer Antler Velvet Pro features one of the highest concentrations of deer antler velvet per serving, it’s definitely a supplement I recommend if you are looking for a natural growth supplement to improve recovery.

[1]Singh MA et al. “Insulin-like growth factor I in skeletal muscle after weight-lifting exercise in frail elders.” AM J Physiol. 1999 Jul;277(1 PT 1):E135-43

[2]Feifei Wua, Huaqiang Lia, Liji Jina, Xiaoyu Lia, et. al., Deer antler base as a traditional Chinese medicine: A review of its traditional uses, chemistry and pharmacology Journal of Ethnopharmacology Volume 145, Issue 2, 30 January 2013, Pages 403–415

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