• 50 G of protein per serving
  • Extra BCAA's, betaine, and glutamine
  • 719 calories per serving
  • Doesn't Mix Well
8.3Overall Score

Unless you’re Andre the Giant, chances are you do have to exercise if you wish to be the biggest and the strongest.

What’s more, building muscle requires an adequate amount of calories which can be difficult to get from food alone.

This is where weight gainers like Bulk Muscle from BPI Sports come in.
BPI is actually pretty new to the protein scene, having just launched their whey protein powder Whey-HD a few months ago.

As BPI’s sophomore protein supplement, I was initially worried that Bulk Muscle would suffer from the proverbial slump. You’ll ultimately have to decide that for yourself, but this review of Bulk Muscle has you covered with everything you need to know.
BPI Sports Bulk Muscle Reviews

Crazy For Carbs

Like most weight gainers, the majority of calories in Bulk Muscle come from carbohydrates. Carbohydrates provide the energy you need to work out, and replenish depleted glycogen stores after heavy resistance training.

Total you’re going to get 85 g of carbohydrates per serving. There’s 719 calories per 2 scoops, and there are 16 servings in a 5.8 lb. container.

Bulk Muscle Versatility

Weight gainers can be surprisingly versatile. Bulk Muscle has 3 g of fat, 80 g of carbohydrates, and 50 g of protein per serving. This is a pretty decent macronutrient ratio for post-workout nutrition, and the total amount for 2 scoops.

So you can always just do 1 scoop to cut all those numbers in half, leaving you with 1.5 g of fat, 40 g of carbohydrates, and 25 of protein. Additionally, you can always throw Bulk Muscle in a blender with peanut butter or other foods to increase the calories.

So whether you’re a hardgainer, or just looking for something quick after a workout that’s going to fit your post-workout macronutrient needs, Bulk Muscle has a pretty good nutrition profile for that.

Added Growth

To further help boost growth you’re going to get 7 g of BCAA’s, as well as some glutamine and betaine. Glutamine reduces delayed onset muscle soreness after a workout, and betaine increase strength and improves overall body composition.[1]

Your’re also going to get some CLA in Bulk Muscle, a naturally occurring fat which is shown to reduce body fat.[2]

Taste, Value, and Mixability

I had the cookies and cream flavor, and the taste is great. Of course, it’s hard to screw up taste on weight gainers thanks to the extra calories in there. As far as mixability goes Bulk Muscle is pretty thick, so you want to make sure you add plenty of milk or water to it.

If you’re looking to pick up a container of BPI Bulk Muscle, most online retailers are selling it for about $50-55.


[1] Jason M Cholewa, Monika Wyszczelska-Rokiel, Rafal Glowacki, et. al., Effects of betaine on body composition, performance, and homocysteine thiolactone Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition 2013, 10:39
[2]Leah D Whigham, Abigail C Watras, and Dale A Schoeller Efficacy of conjugated linoleic acid for reducing fat mass: a meta-analysis in humans Am J Clin Nutr May 2007 vol. 85 no. 5 1203-1211

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