BPI will soon extend its list of “Best” supplements by releasing BPI Best Creatine. Although the product hasn’t been official released, we have the inside scoop on what the supplement might include and at least one flavor option that will be available.

It looks like Best Creatine will come in a Watermelon Ice flavor and provide 6 forms of creatine per serving. Some have speculated that the creatine forms in BPI Best Creatine will be monohydrate, AKG, phosphate, alkaline, anhydrous, and Magna Power. Until BPI Sports releases an official ingredient profile, we won’t know exact ingredient doses and whether Best Creatine will include anything else.

Additionally, Watermelon Ice will be sugar-free.

As soon as BPI releases more information, we will update this review. Make sure to check back for the inside scoop on BPI’s latest supplement releases.

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