• Zero Carbs, Zero Sugar, Zero Fat
  • Only 100 calories per serving
  • Expensive, even for an isolate powder
8.3Overall Score

Muscle Pharm has finally released their hotly anticipated Combat 100% Isolate protein powder. This is a complete isolate, and features zero carbs, zero fat, and zero sugar.

Although they’ve certainly taken their time to launch an isolate, it looks like Combat 100% Isolate is still going to be a pretty impressive competitor.

Zerocarb Protein

Combat Isolate Powder
The main selling point here is easily the zero carbs, which also means zero sugar. What’s more, there’s also zero fat, making this an extremely low-calorie protein option. Each serving gives you 24 g of protein and just 100 calories.

Why protein isolate is great in general if you’re sensitive to lactose or suffer from gastrointestinal side effects such as bloating or cramping when taking whey protein.

Taste, Cost, and Availability

I had the chocolate swirl flavor with both milk and water, and it definitely wasn’t as sweet compared to other whey protein powders that have fat and sugar in them.

Although the chocolate is bland, it tasted ok, and Combat 100% Isolate is something you’re drinking more for the macronutrient breakdown than the taste. Being an isolate, it does mix easily in either a shaker or regular cup.

Combat 100% Isolate is available at all the major online supplement retailers, and costs about $32 for a 2 lb. container and $75 for a 5 lb. container. Although isolate powders are more expensive than concentrate powders, this is still a pretty hefty price tag.

Should You Buy Muscle Pharm Combat Isolate Powder?

There’s no doubt this is one of the leanest protein powders available, and it’s really hard to beat the macros on this one. And with zero fat and carbs, this is very versatile and can easily fit into any diet plan.

That being said, it is also one of the most expensive protein available, even for an isolate. The taste isn’t bad at all, but it is bland especially with water. If you can find it on sale it is definitely worth trying out.

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