Mixability 7.7
  • Contains Agmapure and Glycocarn to increase nitric oxide production
  • Excellent taste
  • Limited Availability- Only available at the official website right now
8.3Overall Score

It’s not very often that we see updates from Universal Nutrition, but they’ve recently launched a brand new amino acid supplement that’s been getting a lot of attention called Animal Juiced Aminos.

Unlike a lot of the other amino products that have come out recently, Animal Juiced Aminos is stimulant-free. What’s more, it also features ingredients to help boost muscle pumps and recovery.

Ingredient Analysis

Animal Juiced Aminos
I would’ve preferred to see Animal list specific ingredient amounts instead of using a proprietary blend, however, I do think they’ve got some really good ingredients in here.

I was glad to see they included agmatine sulfate in here, it’s definitely one of my favorite vasodilators and I get really good pumps from it.

I think it’s interesting that they added essential amino acids along with the branch chain amino acids. What’s more, you can enhance the effect of essential aminos like phenylalanine and threonine by pairing Animal Juiced Aminos with a pre-workout or other source of caffeine.

Theonine combined with caffeine improves mental focus and concentration, and since caffeine deplets phenylalanine, the extra phenylalanine in here replenishes what might be lost.

To further help with muscle pump and recovery, you’re going find Glycocarn and Sustamine in here. Glycocarn is a patented form of glycine propionyl-L-carnitine hcl, which increases nitric oxide production.

Sustamine is a patented dipeptide which combines the amino acids glutamine and alanine to enhance recovery and improve hydration as well as protein synthesis.

How I Took Animal’s Juiced Aminos

Most amino acids supplements are pretty versatile, and this is no exception. It can be taken either first thing in the morning, during a workout, or in the anytime in between meals. I opted to take it during my workout to help with pump and endurance.

I love having amino acid supplements to sip on during a workout, and I definitely feel like I got a little bit of a boost from Animal’s Juiced Aminos. More than anything else, I just felt like I had a little bit more strength than I usually have in the middle and towards the end of my workout.

Taste, Flavor, and Availability

I had the “Grape Juiced” flavor, and really enjoyed it. I mixed in my shaker cup with some ice cubes and it’s something that I looked forward to having during my workouts. Like any other amino acid supplement, there’s always going to be some foaminess near the top.

So although it doesn’t dissolve completely, this is normal for an amino acid product. As far as availability goes, Animal Juiced Aminos is only available at the official Animal website. A 30 day supply is 39.95, and is available in either grape or orange.

Final Considerations

Animal Juiced Aminos would certainly be a lot better served by going with specific ingredients instead of a proprietary blend. What’s more, I was disappointed at the limited availability. The price point is about the same as other amino acids supplements though, and the grape tastes fantastic.

I’m really glad they included the agmatine and Glycocarn to help boost muscle pumps, and ultimately, I felt like it helped me get a few more reps.

About The Author

Brian E. is from southern California and has worked for names like GNC and Vitamin Shoppe as a supplement expert and consultant. He currently lives in Utah and is studying marketing.

2 Responses

  1. kat fed

    is it safe to ladies to take this supplement who just wanted to tone up and lose weight a bit?will it cause pimples or any side effects?

    • Lisa Melvin

      Hey! Animal Juiced Aminos is packed with a mix of branched-chain amino acids, essential amino acids, and a blend of additional amino acids. These ingredients are safe for both sexes to supplement with to tone up and lose weight in conjunction with exercise. Because Animal Juiced Aminos is a blend of different amino acids, as far as side effects go, they should be extremely mild, if any. However, I do recommend starting off with the smallest dose possible to assess tolerance just to be safe, because everyone is different!


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