USPLabs is coming out with a new and improved fat-burning supplement to replace the original OxyElite Pro, and its name is OxyAMP Xtreme.

Supplements that provided the powerful DMMA ingredient are slowly being done away with, so what could USPLabs possibly include in its new weight-loss supplement to make it so “xtreme”.

Well, you’re in luck. I got the details on everything there is to know about this unreleased USPLabs product, OxyAMP Xtreme. Here’s what I discovered.

Ingredient Formula

OxyAMP Xtreme is hopping on the AMP Citrate bandwagon, an ingredient that has been described as being a “close relative” to the now banned DMAA ingredient. Amp citrate is used to increase energy and enhance focus.

OxyAMP Xtreme features several other ingredients in a 150 mg blend. The size of this blend is pretty small, and includes about 6-7 other ingredients. Here’s a closer look at some other key components:

OxyAMP Xtreme includes guarana, an ingredient that is studied for its ability to increase fat oxidation, [1] which may be a result of its caffeine content.

Picamilon is an ingredient classified as a nootropic, and is used to enhance mood and focus. This could possibly improve your mood throughout the day as you undergo necessary steps to losing weight like healthy food choices and exercise.

Another key component of OxyAMP Xtreme is methyl synephrine, a compound that has been shown to increase metabolic rate during a rested state. [2]

Alpha yohimbe is another powerful ingredient in OxyAMP Xtreme that is often supplemented with to improve weight-loss.

The OxyAMP Xtreme blend looks fairly effective, formulated with several weight-loss ingredients. I believe, however, the key feature OxyAMP Xtreme is the amp citrate content.

How Do You Use It?

According to some third-party websites, you should consult with a physical before using this product. To begin use, take 1 capsule on an empty stomach about 20 minutes before the first meal of the day. Depending on how you respond, you can take another capsule anywhere from 3-6 hours after you take the first capsule.

It looks like you can take a maximum of 3 capsules a day –don’t exceed more than 3 capsules in a 24 hour period.

Availability & Pricing

As far as pricing goes, it looks like 1 container providing 60 capsules will retail for about $30. If you take the maximum amount of capsules per day, one bottle will only last about 20 days. If this is the case, OxyAMP Xtreme can be slightly pricy.

OxyAMP Xtreme isn’t available for purchase yet. As soon as it has been released officially, we will update this review.

As of right now, my consensus is OxyAmp Xtreme looks like a fairly solid fat-burner and mood-enhancing supplement. If you are looking for a more intense way to lose weight, OxyAMP Xtreme may be a supplement to consider. However, if you don’t handle well to stimulants, then I’d stay away from it.

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