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BSN Clean Fat Burner is designed with 6 ingredients to amplify fat burn and also help suppress appetite.

I got my hands on a bottle, and here’s what I thought of it.

The Ingredients

BSN Clean Fat Burner provides some effective ingredients. Here’s a look at a couple key ingredients within BSN Clean Fat Burner’s profile.

One key ingredient in BSN Clean Fat Burner is green coffee extract (bean).  Green coffee is an effective weight-loss and energy-increasing supplement due to its inclusion of caffeine and chlorogenic acid.

Both of these ingredients within green coffee extract have been studied for their benefits. [1] [2]

BSN Clean Fat Burner also includes additional caffeine anhydrous for improved energy output and to enhance the metabolism for increased fat burn.

The Yerba mate extract in BSN Clean Fat Burner provides 10% caffeine and is used by many to increase fat oxidation.

Cayenne extract is a unique ingredient in this formula, as it has been shown to both improve weight-loss and also aid in appetite curbing. [3]

The ingredient profile overall looks impressive. It combines fat-burning elements as well as appetite suppressing.

Will You Experience Side Effects?

Due to the inclusion of caffeine in its various forms within BSN Clean Fat Burner, if you are sensitive to caffeine or don’t tolerate it well, you may experience some mild, short term side effects. However, these effects may be avoidable by starting with a smaller dose.

I took servings of BSN Clean Fat Burner for a couple days just to assess tolerance and whether I felt any appetite curbing or boost of energy.

While I obviously didn’t experience any weight-loss results from only a couple days use, I did notice a subtle boost in energy, which was nice. As far as appetite curbing goes, I believe I would have needed to take BSN Clean Fat Burner for an extended period of time to get the maximal effects.

I didn’t notice any side effects, either. Though, I often take pre-workouts with caffeine in them, so my tolerance to caffeine may be different than others.

How To Use BSN Clean Fat Burner

TO get maximal effects, you should take 1 capsule up to 3 times a day. However, BSN doesn’t mention how long you’re supposed to wait in between supplementing with capsules. I spaced out supplementation by taking 1 capsule with my breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

You may want to start out with 1-2 capsules a day just to assess tolerance.

Should You Consider It?

BSN Clean Fat Burner is an effective weight-loss supplement. It provides a good mix of ingredients, with caffeine being a main ingredient in various forms.

If you are looking for a good fat-burning and appetite suppressing supplement, you may want to check out BSN Clean Fat Burner. It is slightly expensive compared to many other fat-burning supplements with similar ingredient profiles, however.

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