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It’s hard not to appreciate the candid fervor with which Rich Piana talks about supplements. He preaches whole foods over supplements, believing that supplements should be relegated to a supporting role.

It may seem incongruous then that Rich Piana is launching his own supplement line called 5% Nutrition. However, he’s ostensibly still about real food as the two supplements he’s launching right now are an amino product called ALLDAYYOUMAY, and a pre-workout called Kill It.

ALLDAYYOUMAY and Kill It are now available online, and I’ve had the chance to try them both out and review them. You can read the review for Kill It here, or keep reading below for everything you need to know about ALLDAYYOUMAY.
Rich Piana 5 Nutrition Reviews

Ingredient Analysis

Rich Piana’s a big guy, so I wasn’t surprised to see a big list of ingredients. Even the branch chain amino acids are big! Instead of a 2:1:1 ratio, ALLDAYYOUMAY boasts a ratio of 10:1:1. This means a lot of leucine, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Leucine is one of the most important amino acids you can get for muscle growth. In addition to boosting protein synthesis, it helps boost growth hormone, reduces muscle damage, and improves recovery. Each serving is going to give you 6 g of BCAA’s.

You’re also going to find glutamine and beta alanine in here, which are widely regarded as two of the most effective ingredients for recovery and muscle building. A little known benefit of glutamine is its ability to keep the immune system healthy in addition to preventing muscle soreness.

Beta alanine can be taken any time of the day, and is going to reduce muscle fatigue and increase endurance.

Say Hello to HICA

One of the more unique ingredients in ALLDAYOUMAY is HICA (alpha-hydroxyisocaproic acid). This compound is a leucine metabolite which is shown to be effective for recovery from intense resistance training.

Studies show HICA can improve muscle growth and recovery by activating cellular proteins that prevent muscle catabolism and promote increases in overall strength and muscle mass.

Price, Availability, and Mixability

Right now ALLDAYYOUMAY is only available in fruit punch. Each container holds 30 servings, and online retailers are currently selling it for about $35.95.

Although it foams up at the top when you shake it, this is actually normal for an amino acid product. I drank ALLDAYYOUMAY during my workout, and just gave it a quick shake every time I went to take a sip.

I don’t have too much to say about the flavor as it is fruit punch. It doesn’t taste bad by any means, it’s just an average fruit punch flavor. Most importantly though, I was able to drink it just fine during my workout, and it didn’t upset my stomach.


ALLDAYYOUMAY has an excellent ingredient profile, and it’s very affordable─ just a little over $1 per serving. I would definitely recommend it as an intra-workout supplement to boost strength and recovery, or drinking it between meals as the directions suggest.

Rich Piana has always talked straight, and that philosophy has translated well to his supplement line.

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Brian E. is from southern California and has worked for names like GNC and Vitamin Shoppe as a supplement expert and consultant. He currently lives in Utah and is studying marketing.

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