When you’re meticulously following a diet or meal plan, it can be nice to have something low-calorie to snack on. This guy knows what I’m talking about.

While Quest Nutrition’s protein chips combine two of my favorite things─ protein and chips, I’ll be the first to admit my skepticism that they can deliver on flavor with so few calories.

The handful of reviewers that have had an early chance to try protein chips have spoken pretty highly of them. Mine are already pre-ordered, so I’ll a complete review up as soon as they ship this week.

The Macros

Quest Nutrition Chips Label
There’s no denying that the macros are the most impressive thing about these protein chips. There are only 5 g of carbs, and 21 g of protein per bag. The Sea Salt flavor has 1.5 g of fat per bag, and both the BBQ and Cheddar & Sour Cream flavors have 2 g of fat per bag.

The chips are baked instead of fried, which is how they’re able to get away with keeping this low fat.

Protein Blend

Figuring out how they snuck 21 g of protein in here is like trying to figure out how to get files out of a computer.

Regardless, this it what truly makes these protein chips stand out. The protein blend consists of milk isolate and whey protein isolate, and the carbs come from dried potatoes and corn starch.

Milk isolate is listed as the first ingredient, which means the majority of protein is casein. This is a slower digesting protein, which will help keep the body anabolic for a couple of hours after consumed by continuously feeding muscles amino acids.

I’m really excited to try these out, so check back soon for the complete review.

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