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If there’s such a thing as an arms race in the supplement industry right now, it’s evident in all of the company’s rushing to market with a stimulant-free pump product. One of the latest supplements to jump into the fray is Noxygen from Purus Labs.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t able to find any information about Noxygen on the official Purus Labs website. However, I was able to go around to a few online retailers and collect everything you need to know about Noxygen.

What Does Noxygen Do?

Ostensibly, Noxygen is a stimulant-free nitric oxide booster. And increasing your nitric oxide production really does have several benefits when it comes to muscle building.

By boosting nitric oxide, you flush more oxygen rich blood and nutrients into muscles. This not only improves recovery, but reduces muscle damage and increases strength.

Noxygen Formula

There are three main ingredients comprising Noxygen’s formula─ beet root extract, Nitratrene, and glycerine. Here’s a quick breakdown of how each of these can improve your workout:

• Beet Root Extract: Beets are rich in nitrates, a compound which increase nitric oxide production by relaxing endothelial cells in arteries. Additionally, nitrates help lower blood pressure and improve blood flow for better strength and endurance.

• Nitratene: Nitratene is a pateneted form of nitrates. It utilizes the reverse nitric oxide pathway to increase nitric oxide production and improve blood flow by widening blood vessels.

• Glycerine: Glycerine enhances muscle pumps by helping to expand plasma and increasing vascularity.

My Noxygen Experience

I’m a big believer in going big or going home, and decided to start things off by taking 2 scoops of Noxygen instead of just one. By the end of my warm up set, I had a decent muscle pump that I was able to feel.

I usually try and keep my rest from about a minute and a half to two minutes between sets to keep up my pump. I felt like Noxygen kept me going throughout my entire workout, helping me fight fatigue and keep up strength.

Noxygen Taste, Flavor, Price and Availability

Noxygen isn’t available on the official Purus Labs website yet, but various online retailers are carrying it. What’s more, Noxygen is relatively affordable. Expect to pay about $15-20 bucks for a 40 serving container.

Even taking 2 scoops a day this is a pretty good value. Noxygen is only available in unflavored powder right now. Presumably, this makes it easier to mix with another pre-workout powder, but it would still be nice to see some flavored Noxygen powders become available.

Noxygen For Nitric Oxide Production

The nice thing about Noxygen and other stimulant free pump products are their versatility. Noxygen might’ve taken it a little too far by only offering an unflavored powder, but this is something that will likely be remedied by Purus Labs over time.

I had great pumps from Noxygen, but I did need to take 2 scoops before I had more dramatic and pronounced vascularity. However, Noxygen is very affordable, and I definitely recommend it as a standalone supplement or something to stack with your regular pre-workout for an extra boost.

Now we have seen this product around the net from around $18 from TigerFitness but there’s a sale over at the eSupplements people for around $12 with free shipping.

About The Author

Brian E. is from southern California and has worked for names like GNC and Vitamin Shoppe as a supplement expert and consultant. He currently lives in Utah and is studying marketing.

3 Responses

  1. Jerry

    Must admit this is super versatile and high-value, cost-effective product. I’ve taken with 2 of my favorite pre-wkts at 1 scoop–> GREAT ENHANCER. Pump, Stamina, Strength, Recovery between sets!

    As stand alone, took 2 scoops and was incredibly effective from very first dose!

    Would love to see some flavors though, since I would use it as a stand alone.

  2. big smith

    Love this junk. Did a scoop and a half with my pre workout shot about 30 min before I go to the gym. Amazing pump. Highly recommended


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