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Betancourt Nutrition boasts their BullNOX Androrush is in a supplement category of its own. Essentially a 2-in-1 pre-workout and testosterone booster, it certainly has a unique formula. In this BullNOX Androrush review, we’ll cover everything you need to know before you buy.

Does BullNOX Androrush Effectively Boost Testosterone?

Let’s jump straight to the reason you probably clicked on this review in the first place. As you probably know, boosting testosterone levels is the best way to improve your overall body compotition.

By increasing testosterone, you’ll be able to recover from your workouts faster, burn more fat, and increase lean muscle mass.

BullNOX Androrush does have a pretty decent testosterone boosting complex. Most experts recommend tribulus terrestris and zinc magnesium asparatate (ZMA) to anyone looking for an effective natural testosterone booster.

Tribulus terrestris works by stimulating the pituitary gland to release more luteinzing hormone. This extra luteinzing hormone signals the body to increase natural testosterone production. ZMA helps replenish zinc depleted from heavy training and plays an important role in maintaining healthy testosterone levels.

What’s more, BullNOX includes maca and horny goat weed to boost libido and provide some additional testosterone boosting support.

Perfect for Pump?

One of the main ingredients for pump in here is beet root, which is rich in nitrates. These compounds use the reverse nitric oxide pathway which requires little oxygen, and is perfect for increasing nitric oxide production in weightlifting and other anaerobic exercise.

You’re also going to get a variety of arginine derivatives such as arginine alpha ketogluterate and arginine HCL. Arginine, as you probably know, is an amino acid that gets converted to nitric oxide and enhances blood flow.

Flushing more oxygen rich blood into muscles enhances nutrient delivery, increases strength, and accelerates recovery.

BullNOX Androrush Reviews

More To Grow

Apart from the testosterone and pump ingredients in BullNOX, there’s also some creatine and additional amino acids to further help with boosting strength, muscle growth and recovery.

One of the most effective performance enhancing ingredients in BullNOX is the beta alanine. This is an amino acid which saturates muscles with carnosine and improves ph balance. This reduces the time it takes for the burning sensation to set into your muscles, and allows you to get more reps.

The only qualm I have with BullNOX Androrush is the proprietary blend. I love that they’ve put your BCAA’s, glutamine, creatine, and testosterone boosting ingredients all in one place, but I’d also like to know the specific dosages.

What’s more, I was unable to find the amount of caffeine per serving. So for now, it’s going to be best to start with 1 serving and assess your tolerance before adding any additional scoops.


I do have to say that the watermelon flavor was pretty tasty. BullNOX Androrush does contain some glucose and about 11 grams of carbohydrates, so that definitely helps with the taste. It doesn’t have any sugar though, and only contains 50 calories per serving.

I took this for a couple weeks and had the chance to try it out training every body part. For the most part, pumps and strength were very consistent. This is a very reliable pre-workout, and definitely noticed a difference in my workouts while I was taking it.

It mixes just as well as any other pre-workout. Dissolves pretty completely, there was a little bit of powder floating around at the bottom, but it was a negligible amount and typical for a pre-workout product.

BullNOX is available on a number of online retailers, and I’ve seen it priced anywhere from $30-40 for the 35 serving container.

BullNOX Androrush Side Effects

The main side effect you’ll likely experience from BullNOX Androrush is jitteriness, anxiety or increased heart rate from the caffeine in here. Like I mentioned above, the specific amount of caffeine isn’t mentioned, so make sure you start off with ½ a scoop or 1 scoop to assess you tolerance.

Grab The Bull By the Horns

This is a great overall pre-workout and one I would definitely recommend trying at least once. It’s great if you hate combining or having to take individual supplements. It’s very affordable for the ingredients you get, and delivers consistent results from workout to workout.

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Brian E. is from southern California and has worked for names like GNC and Vitamin Shoppe as a supplement expert and consultant. He currently lives in Utah and is studying marketing.

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