True Grit Pre is a pre-workout powder designed to increase workout intensity and maximize results. It hasn’t been officially released yet, but there are a couple things we already know about this exclusive.

What Do We Know?

True Grit Pre will come in 5 different flavors:

  • Blue Raspberry
  • Fruit Punch
  • Green Apple
  • Watermelon
  • Raspberry Lemonade

The flavor options are impressive, and I look forward to tasting them when they are available. Raspberry lemonade is a newer pre-workout flavor I’ve yet to taste.

So far, it looks like there will be a 30-serving size, as well as a 5-serving size.

As far as ingredients go, True Grit Pre has covered its bases with several different,yet common pre-workout ingredients.

Beta-Alanine is included in True Grit Pre’s formula in a 1.6 g per serving dose. Beta alanine is used to improve muscle function by combatting muscle fatigue.

True Grit Pre also provides 750 mg of arginine silicate incostiol, which is used as a vasodilator to improve blood flow for greater muscle pumps and growth.

Caffeine anhydrous is also found in a 175 mg dose per serving. Caffeine is common to pre-workout supplements, added to increase energy and focus.

True Grit Pre provides 1.5 g creatine hcl, which isn’t exactly enough to make this your sole creatine source. This smaller dose will only add to your overall creatine replenishment and storage.

Along with a couple other additional ingredients, True Grit Pre also provides 65 mg of L-theanine and 1 g taurine for increased focus and blood flow, respectively.

The ingredient profile is impressive. However, each serving is only 8 g of ingredients, so to get any effect from most of these ingredients, I’d most likely need to take 2 scoops, and even then, I’m not sure if I’m getting optimal doses of arginine, l-theanine, and taurine.

It’s important to note that True Grit Pre doesn’t contain any proprietary blends, which is awesome for consumers. No hidden ingredient doses or tricks.

So far, True Grit Pre looks like a decent pre-workout supplement. The flavor options and tight list of ingredients make this supplement definitely worth looking into when it is available. As soon as more information is released, we will update this so keep checking back!



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