• Relatively Affordable & provides 45 servings
  • Ingredient Amounts Withheld, likely underdosed
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BPI Sports is introducting a new thermogenic weight-loss supplement, Roxy.

Roxy is BPI’s new, advanced fat-burner, and seems to be an upgraded formulation of it’s older version Roxy Lean.

What’s Inside Roxy?

Roxy provides a proprietary blend of several different ingredients: caffeine, boerhaavia extract, ginger extract, lycopene, and yohimbine hcl.

Caffeine is a ubiquitous weight-loss ingredient found in several competing fat burners and is used to optimize weight loss and provide additional energy.

Boerhaavia extract is commonly used as an anti-inflammatory. Consequently, anti-inflammatories are often included in weight-loss supplements in an effort to combat weight gain, one of the body’s responses that are intricately related to inflammation.  [1]

BPI Roxy Ingredient Profile

Ginger is another ingredient that is used to aid inflammation. Also, a pilot study found that ginger consumption enhanced thermogenesis and also curbed hunger feelings, further validating this ingredient as a weight-loss proponent. [2]

Lycopene has been studied for its ability to improve a variety of factors, some of which include inflammation, high blood pressure, and diabetes. However, research so far isn’t conclusive, [3] leading me to question whether lycopene will be of any benefit in Roxy’s formula.

Yohimbine HCL is used to improve body composition by reducing body fat levels.

Overall, Roxy’s ingredient profile looks decent. However, the big slap to the consumer’s face is the fact that all ingredient amounts are hidden in a blend. These ingredients are most likely under-dosed, and this is evidenced by the fact that one softgel only provides 370 mg of total ingredients.

Additionally, BPI Roxy provides 45 softgels per serving and retails for around $25.00.

How to Take BPI Roxy

The manufacturer recommends taking only 1 softgel per day, preferably in the morning on an empty stomach, or before food. Users should not exceed more than 1 softgel per day.

These softgels are lemon drop flavored. I got to try Roxy, and I must say that the flavor wasn’t bad, and it was easy to get down, unlike some bulky, large pilled weight-loss products.

I take pre-workouts about 4 times a week that are caffeine-based. Consequently, I didn’t notice much of an energy boost or anything after taking one softgel. Most of Roxy’s effects obviously take effect in the background; however, if you don’t take caffeine or supplement with it, you may notice some small energy benefits.

Should you try BPI Roxy?

Overall, Bpi Roxy wasn’t too impressive. I am a bit hung up on the fact that there are 5 main ingredients that make up a total of 370 mg.

I will applaud them on their delivery system, however. It definitely went down easy and was very painless. So, for those that are looking to up their weight-loss game but afraid of big capsules and pills, rest assured that BPI Roxy is probably the best solution in terms of delivery.

If you can look past the proprietary blend and relatively small ingredient dose per serving, you may want to give BPI Roxy a try.



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