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If you haven’t already heard of the HodgeTwins or seen them on YouTube, well, you’re missing out.

The comical and fitness-minded Hodgetwins have come out with their own supplement line to help people make “all kinds of gains.” They recently released a pre-workout called PreGains.

I was able to get my hands on a bottle to try it out. This is what I thought about PreGains.bb4ce73b42cc8125e0ddd0a3fb31ce41

Supplement Facts

PreGains ingredient profile is comparable to several other standard pre-workout supplements.

While it does provide individual ingredient amounts, which is nice, the formula is fairly ordinary- nothing eye-catching.

CarnoSyn is a commonly used patented beta-alanine ingredient. It is used to increase muscle endurance, allowing you to squeeze in extra reps for additional muscle growth.

PreGains includes pump ingredient Agmapure, an agmatine sulfate ingredient that helps increase blood flow for better muscle pumps.

Caffeine has become a ubiquitous ingredient found in almost any preworkout, intra workout, and even fat-burner supplement. This stimulant is supplemented with to increase energy and also improve mental focus.

Two other ingredients in PreGains have been studied for their combined ability to improve concentration and attention: Schisandra Fruit Extract and Rhodiola Root Extract. These 2 ingredients in combination have been shown to enhance focus. [1]

Overall, the ingredients look pretty standard. Caffeine amounts (260 mg) per serving in PreGains are a little higher than I usually see. If you are sensitive to caffeine, PreGains is probably not the pre-workout for you.

My Experience

I took a scoop about 15 minutes before I hit the gym. I mixed it in 8 oz. of water and shook it around in my shaker cup. The BlueBerry Lemonade flavor is the exact same as their creatine monohydrate supplement CreaGains.

However, unlike their creatine supplement I tried, PreGains was a little gritty, and there was some settling at the bottom. The flavor wasn’t bad, especially in 8 oz. water. It wasn’t super strong, which I happen to be a fan of.

I noticed some tingling (associated with beta alanine) about 15 minutes after I supplemented with PreGains, right when I got to the gym. Overall, I noticed a little mental and energy boost, reminiscent of past pre-workout supplements I’ve tried like C4 Extreme.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it seems like a fairly decent pre-workout supplement. Nothing about it screams “super unique,” but it is worthy of mention if you are looking for a pre-workout supplement with some good ingredients.

My only gripe is with the price -$40 for only 20 servings seems a bit too steep for me. I can get a pre-workout with similar ingredients that provide about 30 servings for $30.

If you’re big fans of the HodgeTwins, you may want to look into this pre-workout. It isn’t for everyone, however, mainly due to its high retail price.

[1] Schisandra. WebMD.

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Brian E. is from southern California and has worked for names like GNC and Vitamin Shoppe as a supplement expert and consultant. He currently lives in Utah and is studying marketing.

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