• Has a full month supply and very affordable for the amount of garcinia cambogia you get
  • Works great as a non-stimulant fat burner
  • Green coffee bean extract is less than the amount used in some of the green coffee bean extract studies
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Deviating from their single ingredient product formulas, MuscleTech’s new Platium Garcinia Plus packs two of the most popular weight loss ingredients right now─ garcinia cambogia and green coffee bean extract.

Backed by some solid research, these two ingredients have become the Root and Burnham of weight loss ingredients, building the foundation for a number of fat burning product formulas.

With green coffee bean extract and garcinia cambogia as the only ingredients, Platinum Garcinia Plus is a non-stimulant product that you can stack with any of your other weight loss or pre-workout supplements.

What Does Garcinia Cambogia Do For Weight Loss?

MuscleTech Garcinia Plus
The active ingredient responsible for the health and weight loss benefits in garcinia cambogia is called hydroxycitric acid, or HCA for short.

HCA is a kind of Swiss Army knife compound, and features a couple different mechanisms for fighting fat.

One of the ways HCA facilitates weight loss is by suppressing appetite, which prevents overeating and leads to a caloric deficit.

Another way HCA improves weight loss is by inhibiting key enzymes that convert carbohydrates to fat. [1]

Green Coffee Bean For Greater Weight Loss

The benefits of green coffee bean extract can be attributed to its active ingredient chlorogenic acid, which plays a role in decreasing caloric intake by inhibiting an enzyme that promotes formation of glucose in the liver.

What’s more, it’s suggested that chlorogenic acid’s enzyme inhibiting ability is also responsible for reducing glycemic disorders such as diabetes.

One study examined the effects of green coffee bean extract on 16 overweight adults with a BMI greater than 25 for 12 weeks.

Participants in the study supplemented with either 700 or 1050 mg of cholorgenic acid each day. Upon conclusion, the study revealed that subjects supplementing with chlorogenic acid lost an average of 18 pounds, including 4.4% of their overall body fat. [2]

Is Platinum Garcinia Plus Underdosed?

Platinum Garcinia Plus does actually provide a concentrated and effective dosage of garcinia cambogia and hydroxycitric acid with 1.56 g per serving. If you are trying to match the dosage of green coffee extract used in the study above, however, Garcinia Plus only provides 200 mg of green coffee extract per serving, falling short of the 700 mg used in the study.

That being said, Garcinia Plus does provide a full 30 day supply, and plenty of hydroxycitric acid to match studied garcinia cambogia dosages.

My Results

Garcinia Plus Reviews
The directions say to take 2 servings, and I just took 1 serving right before my workout, and another right before bed. On my rest day I took 1 serving half an hour before breakfast and the other one again before bed.

After a couple weeks I ended up down about 1.5% body fat, going from 12% to 10.5%. I felt like I had less fat in my lower back, which is where I store most of my body fat. I definitely felt like Garcinia Plus helped me drop my body fat, but it’s also important to temper expectations.

The majority of weight loss does come as a result of a clean diet and exercise, but adding something like Gargcinia Plus can help you reach those lower levels of body fat, or speed up results if you have a little more to lose.

The Takeaway

Garcinia Plus is ultimately an effective fat burner that can help you get rid of stubborn body fat. As a non-stimulant product, it can easily be stacked with other supplements, and does feature an effective amount of garcinia cambogia and hydroxycitric acid.

It’s also an excellent value right now, as you can grab a full 30 day supply for about $15.

[1]Preuss HG, Rao CV, Garis R, Bramble JD, Ohia SE, Bagchi M, Bagchi D. An overview of the safety and efficacy of a novel, natural(-)-hydroxycitric acid extract (HCA-SX) for weight management J Med. 2004;35(1-6):33-48.

[2] Joe A Vinson, Bryan R Burnham, and Mysore V Nagendran, Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, linear dose, crossover study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of a green coffee bean extract in overweight subjects Diabetes Metab Syndr Obes. 2012; 5:21-27. Diabetes Metab Syndr Obes

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