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If you’re looking for a new late night snack, or just in the mood to try something different, MuscleTech’s Essential Series Platinum 100% Casein is finally here. And to distinguish Platinum 100% Casein from the competition, MuscleTech seems to be playing up the presence of their bioactive casein fractions.

In this review we’ll cover the benefits of taking a casein protein, and examine Platinum 100% Casein in depth.

Benefits of Using a Casein Protein

You’ve probably heard casein protein described as either the “nighttime” or “PM” protein, because of its sustained amino acid release. The truth is, casein is going to be beneficial anytime throughout the day precisely because it provides a steady stream of amino acids to help keep the body anabolic.

The only time you wouldn’t want to use a casein protein by itself is immediately post-workout. You want to replenish amino acids to stimulate growth and recovery immediately after training by using a fast-acting whey protein.

You can also use a blend of whey and casein protein post-workout to get the best of both worlds. This is going to immediately provide you with amino acids, and continue to deliver them for the next couple of hours, boosting recovery.

Casein Growth

Essential Series Platinum Casein
Each serving of Platinum 100% Casein has 24 grams of protein, 5.2 grams of BCAA’s, and 4.9 grams of glutamine and glutamine precursors. What’s more, there is no protein blend or matrix. The sole protein source is micellar casein.

I was actually pretty impressed with the nutrition label, this is a very lean casein protein with only .5 g of fat per serving and 1 g of sugar.

Is Bioactive Better?

Here’s a breakdown of the bioactive fractions you’ll find in Platinum 100% Casein from the Essential Series website. Due to the filtration process whey and casein proteins go through, these compounds are often lost. It’s nice to see that they’re still included in here.

Alpha S1 Casein : The most abundant of the four casein fractions, it may be involved in the transport of casein from the endoplasmic reticulum to the Golgi apparatus Platinum 100% Casein.
Alpha S2 Casein : A hydrophilic fraction of the casein micelle.

Beta Casein: This fraction may have various biological functions, and can yield bioactive peptides. Moreover, beta casein contains hydrophilic and hydrophobic sections, which are important in the physical interactions of miceller formation.

Kappa Casein: This fraction stabilizes the delicate casein micelle and helps prolong the digestion of your Platinum 100% Casein shake for a more stable amino acid supply.

Taste and Mixability

If you’ve tried a casein protein before you know that they notoriously mix up thicker than standard whey protein. That being said, this does mix really well for a casein protein, which I suspect has something to do with the fact and lactose they’ve managed to take out.

As far as taste, I had the gourmet milk chocolate flavor and it was good, but not great. As long as you don’t take this having high expectations for taste you’ll be alright. To be clear it doesn’t taste bad, just like your average chocolate protein powder and maybe a little bit better than your standard whey.

Getting >Cut on Casein

Put simply, Platinum 100% Casein is a high quality and versatile protein powder that will help keep the body anabolic while you sleep, or in between meals. The average price for Platinum 100% Casein right now is about $50.

If you have the money this is definitely worth it. I would agree it’s a little overpriced, but by far one of the best casein protein powders I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a lot.)

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