• Good Chocolate Flavor
  • No Proprietary Blends
  • Slightly expensive price-per-serving ratio
  • Concentrate may be hard for some to digest
8.8Overall Score

MusclePharm has released its newest HardCore Series, consisting of three new supplements. One of these supplements is Diesel.

MusclePharm Diesel is a whey protein powder that is designed to support muscle growth and combat delayed onset muscle soreness.

Here’s a little more information about the ingredients and my experience with it!

What’s Inside Diesel?

MusclePharm Diesel’s ingredients look standard; however, I noticed some interesting things that make it stand out from other whey supplements.diesel ingredients

MusclePharm Diesel provides 15 g of whey protein isolate and 10 g of whey protein concentrate. The fact that MusclePharm lists these individual protein amounts out is a benefit to consumers. A lot of whey protein supplements don’t have the protein content listed this way; rather, it is all combined in a proprietary blend. So, kudos to MusclePharm.

Whey protein is used to support daily protein requirements and is supplemented with to help reduce muscle soreness after intense workouts.

Whey Isolate is filtered to remove a base water component, which means whey isolate is almost lactose and cholesterol free.

Whey concentrate contains trace fat, cholesterol, and lactose. Some people who don’t handle dairy products well may not respond well to whey concentrate; however, there is more whey isolate in MusclePharm Diesel, which leads me to believe people shouldn’t experience too many side effects.

This protein is physique-friendly. In each serving you’ll be getting 25 g of protein with very little calories and carbohydrates –140 calories, 3 g carbs.

MusclePharm Diesel also provides 5 g L-glutamine. L-glutamine is studied for its ability to boost protein synthesis, [1] which essentially means greater muscle growth.

Taste and Mixability

I got to try the Chocolate Milkshake flavor. I threw one scoop of MusclePharm Diesel with about 8 oz. of skim milk in my shaker cup and tested it out after one of my workouts.

The flavor was good. It tasted much like other chocolate-flavored protein powders I’ve tried. The flavor wasn’t necessarily unique, but there weren’t any strange after taste, which is a bonus. The mixability was decent. I did have to shake it again half way through to mix up some extra clumps that had settled.

Overall, my experience was favorable. MusclePharm Diesel also comes in Vanilla Ice Cream.

If you supplement with whey protein and get sufficient dietary protein, you’ll definitely notice your muscle soreness being attenuated, allowing you to recover faster.

Final Thoughts

MusclePharm Diesel is a good whey protein supplement. While it’s ingredient profile and flavor don’t stand out as extra unique, the fact that MusclePharm specifies how much whey isolate and concentrate are in Diesel is a nice plus. I sometimes fear that proprietary blends try and take some short cuts, giving you more of the “lower quality” ingredients.

If you are interested, you can purchase a 4 lb. container for $54. Each bottle offers 46 servings. This is slightly expensive, as I can find a good whey protein supplement that offers about 70 servings for a similar price. But, at least you know the exact protein amounts in Diesel.

[1] Coëffier M, et al Enteral glutamine stimulates protein synthesis and decreases ubiquitin mRNA level in human gut mucosa . Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol. (2003)


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