What is L-Norvaline?

L-Norvaline is a version of the branched chain amino acid, valine. Norvaline is an arginase inhibitor. Arginase is an enzyme that prevents your body from producing nitric oxide. When your body’s nitrous oxide production is inhibited your body experiences a decrease in vasodilation. Vasodilation is the widening of blood vessels. When your blood vessels are widened it allows more blood to flow throughout your body to your muscles and extremities.

L-Norvaline & Increased Energy

As your body increases nitric oxide production, the blood flow enables you to better maintain your core temperature balance. When body temperature rises your bodies response is to try and prevent you from over-heating. With good blood flow this process is made easier, so your body will use less energy to cool you down which leaves you with more energy to complete your workouts with.

L-Norvaline & Male Enhancement

Nitric oxide production is of major importance in the signaling pathways leading to penile erections. When a man’s body produces more nitric oxide, the increase blood flow entering the penis engorges the cavernous blood sinuses comprising much of the penis volume. This engorgement in turn acts to compress the veins draining blood from the penis. The increased inflow and decreased outflow of blood causes an erection.

L-Norvaline Research

Studies involving mice have shown an increase of 55-60% in NO levels and overall vasodilatory function with the addition of L-Norvaline inhibition of Arginase. [1]

L-Norvaline has also been shown in rodent studies to specifically inhibit arginase activity (i.e., reducing urea production by 50%). This results in a greater level of the NO substrate L-Arginine to be converted into NO…for an extended period of time rather than just a few seconds. [1,2]


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