• Effective ingredients like dandelion root effectively remove excess water
  • Affordable. A 30 day supply is retailing for about $15 right now.
  • Proprietary blend. Doesn't list specific ingredient amounts.
8.6Overall Score

Get ready to pee like a racehorse. Muscle Pharm just launched a new diuretic called FitMiss TYTE that reputedly helps eliminate excess water and supports urinary tract health.

By removing extraneous water, natural diuretics are one of the best ways to bring out muscle definition, and have you looking dry and toned.

If you’re on the fence about using a diuretic, or just curious about FitMiss TYTE, here’s everything you need to know.

Benefits of Diuretics


Put simply, diuretics are compounds which increase the amount of water excreted from the body through urination. This not only reduces water weight, but makes you looked more toned and defined by removing subcutaneous water.

What’s more, shedding excess water helps get you closer to that coveted dry and hard look you see from fitness models and bodybuilding competitors.

Fitmiss Tyte Ingredients

One of your main ingredients for urinary tract health in Tyte is going to be the cranberry extract. Cranberry is frequently touted for its ability to inhibiting bacteria from causing urinary tract infections.

And as for the main diuretic ingredients in Tyte, there’s doesn’t appear to be anything special. To be clear that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it just means you’re going to find a lot of familiar ingredients in here.

It is specifically worth mentioning that Tyte does contain dandelion, which is one of the best natural diuretics thanks to its active ingredient taraxacum. This compound prevents potassium from being lost through urination and helps protect against muscle cramps.

The other common diuretics you’re going to find in here are juniper berry, buchu leaf, and uva-ursi. Not only do these ingredients help with getting rid of excess water, but they prevent bladder infections and increase rate of kidney filtration.

One way this formula could be improved is by listing specific ingredient amounts. I do have to say I was disappointed that Tyte chose to go with a proprietary blend.

Made For Women

As an aside, it’s also worth pointing out that although Tyte’s ingredients are dosed for women, the ingredients themselves can safely be taken by men as well.

Most of the diuretic supplements I’ve come across that are made specifically for women typically have ingredients to support and alleviate menstrual cramps like chaste berry, black cohosh, or evening primrose.

Fitmiss Tyte Price and Availability

FitMiss TYTE
While it’s the possible that Fitmiss Tyte’s current $15 price tag is something of an introductory special, it’s definitely affordable right now. Most online retailers selling are selling a 30 day supply for around that price so if you do buy it, make sure you aren’t paying much more than that.

Does Fitmiss Tyte Live Up To the Hype?

I had my girlfriend tryout Tyte to make sure I got a woman’s perspective. She said that she did notice she was going to the bathroom almost twice as often, but apart from that there weren’t any other side effects.

As far as better definition and hardness, we both agreed that her arms more than anything else looked drier and harder in the mornings. Overall Tyte does a good job of helping your physique to pop. As with other diuretics the leaner you are, the easier it’ll be to see the effects of Tyte.

Albeit common, Tyte’s ingredient profile is effective, and I would certainly recommend it if you’re looking for some extra definition and hardness

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